Date: 5/19/2004



..................By S. P. Attri (USA)


1. A conspiracy against the Hindu, is underway. Sonia-Bitch declares she has withdrawn from the nomination to PM's position, that PM's position was never her intention, her intention Always was:

Service to the poor and dispossessed

What is wrong with her claim? Plenty. Sonia's Claim that "PM's position was never her intention," is Pure Bull-Sh**. You cannot go by what Sonia mouths. She knows how to create a buzz. She is not Shy, she is Sly, she is giving a new meaning to Opportunism. Her latest claim is another political-polemic coming out of her political-polemoscope. It is totally meaningless.

Any Hindu who puts faith in Sonia's Claim is a sucker, the threat to the Hindu-Situation is serious, and demands urgent action.To protect and defend Hinduism, and to prevent further disintegration, degradation, and despair of the Hindu-Position, it is imperative that Hindus take notice of what is going on in the world around them, and take quick steps that situation demands. If we Hindu sit on our A**, then we shall surely be kicked in our A**. Make no mistake about it.

2. There is lot of apathy and un-assertiveness among the Hindus, this must be dispensed with quickly or there is going to be no future for the Hindu, in the country of India, which is going to be totally-inhospitable to the Hindu, and cost to the Hindu is going to be staggering.. Right now is the proper moment, for a fundamental change in Hindu-Thinking, this is an Essential-Requisite. Let me put it straight.

The present situation is extremely-serious. The Ascent of Sonia Gandhi to PM Nomination, is Not a tribute to our democracy, it is a matter of Deep-Shame, it is a Qalank (Stigma) on the Hindus. Sonia Gandhi is a Hideous-Qalank, she is the Biggest-Mortification of the Hindu. Hindus will have to live a thousand years to wash off the Dirt, Filth, and Sewage of Sonia-Qalank, and another thousand years to wash off the memory, shame, disgrace and dishonor of this Qalank, it is Damn-Damn Filthy and Foul.

We Hindus must do whatever it takes to shut-down Sonia-Shop, of Dung and Dirt, as fast as we can accomplish it.

I hope I am Not the only living soul, who discerns and detects this new threat, and this tremendous crash of the Hindu. Those who contend that question of Sonia's Foreign Origin has been put to rest, and is a thing of the past, are Inordinately-Mistaken. This crucial and critical question has Not gone away, it cannot go away, it shall Not go away, it is going to string around your neck for a long long time, and make you hang your head in shame.

3. All kinds of Half-Ass explanations are being offered for Sonia's Victory, every one of them is Rotten and WAY-OFF.

Sonia's Victory does not mean that Hindus are Anti-BJP or Pro-Congress. Hindus are neither Pro nor Anti BJP, nor are they Pro nor Anti Congress. Hindu has No Loyalty to either BJP or Congress, Hindu's Loyalty is ONLY TO HIS OWN PERSONAL ECONOMIC-INTEREST. Hindu's loyalty does Not extend beyond this simple personal domain.

Hindu has Never been accused of being Community-Minded. Even butcher Babar noticed this peculiar and distinctive-characteristic of the Hindu, and wrote about it in his Babar-Nama.

4. As we step inside the War-Room, we meet face to face with the uncomfortable reality that, results in War are generally Unknown ahead of time, and Election is War through the Party-System Of Government. It is no picnic to gauge public (or Hindu) sentiment ahead of actual election. We can now do:

Monday-Morning Quarter-Backing, but it is just that: A Monday-Morning Quarter-Backing.

5. During the last five years, the achievements and accomplishments of BJP, have been colossal. Millions of High-Tech Jobs have been brought into being, hundreds of thousands of Highly-Trained Workers have been produced, with billions of dollars worth of Out-Sourcing Business coming to India, putting India on the Map OF The World, as an Outsourcing-Destination. These achievements are far greater, and much more enormous than what Congress brought to pass, in all of fifty years before that. The miserable record of Congress pales in contrast. Besides, Congress is Basically-Corrupt, the "C" in Congress stand for "Corruption." Against this, BJP's Record of "Solid And Substantial Achievements," stands out like a Glaring and Glowing advertisement-board.

But it need to be faced across the progress-board, that everybody in India, has not benefitted equally from this flood of high-tech progress, this is going to make some people unhappy. City-Folks have benefitted more than the Rural-Folks, who number seventy percent of India's Population. This is not to say that BJP has ignoed Rural-Folks. In fact, BJP has extended the programs of Bijli (Electricity), Pani (Water), and Sarak (Roads) to rural-areas as well, but results are less-visible, and here perception is more important than reality. Here again, perception of truth is more important that the truth.

6. The Congress and Leftists (Basically-Traitors) have opportunistically (and conveniently) taken advantage of this Perceived Urban-Rural Disparity, they have detected a tremendous opportunity to make Colossal-Promises, they have been making more than liberal left-wing promises to the rural-masses, these Left-Wing promises besides being totally-preposterous and kooky, are also Impossible to fulfill, destined eventually to run afoul of the masses. But in the meantime, the lie continues and it works like gang-busters. Incidently, these kinds of lies work wonders in politics. In politics and in many other areas:

The Bigger The Lie, The Better It Sells. Many examples can be cited to prove the workings of this concept.

7. The Inevitable question: Can Hindu-Problems be solved? Answer: Absolutely Yes, but only if Hindus are:

Willing to put their money where their mouth is.

Don't forget that more than 85% of the problems of the Hindu, are created by Hindus themselves, and Hindus can extricate themselves from these traps, but only if they make up their mind to stop the destruction of their religion and culture, and to put an end to the legalized crime against them.

We Hindus can beat the Primary-Enemies of Hinduism (Islam and Christianity), and totally eliminate the Stronghold of these enemies from our Sacred-Land of India. But this can happen only:

If Hindu is willing to put his money, where his mouth is

8. Let us Hindus unite now, and make up our mind, once and for all that: We Hindus are Not going to take any more SH** from either Islam or Christianity.

There are many many things that we Hindus can do, but they all require sacrifice and putting our money where our mouth is. There is no Free-Lunch in life. The number of things that we can do is almost infinite.

Let us Hindus get together with other Hindus, and decide on our next step. Let us adopt powerful and new measures, and make it our motto to eliminate, the centuries of Hindu's Serfdom And Slavery, and eliminate the Poison Of Islam And Christianity, once and for all, from the streets of India.

Surinder Paul Attri