Date: 5/20/2004


......RAHUL, MP, Amethi, today, PM, Bharatvarsha, tomorrow.

How is it that in Indian politics the words NATIVE, RELIGION and DIGNITY do not appear? (Under all these counts, Sonia Khan from Italy could not induce even ONE Hindu to vote for her!)

The reason for this seriously threatening DELINQUINCY, that is peculiar to India, is that these are the HIGHEST qualities, attributes and virtues of a truly sovereign nation. Slaves, servants and coolies are not allowed access to them.

The real reason is that we have not yet acquired the mentality of a truly sovereign nation. Our education and indoctrination have been in the hands of our enemies. They could not raise their serfs and slaves to be at par with the other sovereign nations.

Take the FOURTH generation “Gandhi” called RAHUL. Yesterday the Hindu electorate was in tears, crying for HIS mother like a child lost in crowd, when Sonia KHAN turned down the office of the Prime Minister of Hindustan. How CHEAP, ROTTEN and UNDIGNIFIED our Bharat seemed to the whole world!

Now turn to Sonia’s next ambition, to see Rahul as the Prime Minister of Bharat. With BJP thrown out, the soil of Hindustan is still fertile for the poisonous Congress cactus to grow and grow.

How quickly and easily an inexperienced autocratic imperialist, and totally alienated Rahul could stand for a seat in India’s PARLIAMENT and then win it hands down.

He won it because he is a Gandhi. That treacherous word “Gandhi” is all the intellectual, patriotic, valid, spiritual, moral, rational, strategic and tactical reason behind it.

The world has an extremely poor view of India. They know that those adoring and “licking” any “Gandhi” cannot be above the IQ of the cattle.

Aren’t there literally tens of thousands of other young men and women of his age who are TEN TIMES more intelligent, qualified, patriotic and educated? They all counted for nothing when Rahul won his seat at Parliament. His family’s fortunes, THE PLUNDER OF NATION, ensured his victory and silenced his opponents.

Is India free? Yes, she is. She is free of the British. But she is NOT yet free of the Gandhis, and the terror of Islam. definitely NOT.

The proof? His victory in Amethi and our defeat in Lok Sabha and the stalemate in Ayodhya.

Rahul’s constituency is 90% HINDU but he has a schizophrenic view of Hindusthan and Hinduism. He told his voters “Ignore your native religion. It is backward, gobbledegook and irrelevant.”

He did not say that India does not spend on the teaching of NATIVE Hinduism even a millionth of what Italy spends on her Christianity. They even have a sovereign theocratic state called The Vatican that has its own banks, security force and a vast army of nuns and missionaries all over the world, especially to "kill" the Hindus.

Nor did he tell them that every university in Europe has a Department of Theology to bring out an army of highly educated and indoctrinated MA’s and PhD’s in Christianity, whose job on full salary is to propagate Christianity across the world.

He did not tell them of the dozens of BIBLE radio and television stations on earth, with several beamed to Bharat.

He did not tell them that as far as he and his mother and sister are concerned, Hinduism is only for ridiculing, belittling, avoiding, rejecting and BASHING.

“I am the direct descendant of Mahatma Gandhi, who got India her Independence from the hated British who taught us hatred of Islam,” he asserts.

(Son of a B**** does not tell them that Gandhi got them PARTITION, and his beloved Islam slaughtered two million of us in 1947. He does not tell them of his own great grandfather NEHRU who surrendered vast territories to Islam with all the Hindus delivered to death and degradation.)

“I am committed to keeping India united,” he said to fool them all. (He did not say how it can be “united” if Lahore and Dhaka are out besides Chitral, Gilgit and Chittagong.)

“I love everything Bharati,” he boasted before a crowd of Hindu admirers in Amethi, all eager to reach out to touch his feet. Some Hindus were the age of his grandfather.

Only one bystander whispered inaudibly, “O YES? What is BHARATI about you, Mr. Crook, Son of a BOFORS CHOR?

Your nun at baptism? Your convent in New Delhi? Your high school in Moscow? Your university in the United States? Your mother from Italy, notorious for Mafia, even your fiancée from Colombia, notorious for crime, prostitution and drugs? Come on, you Hindu Hater Thug. EXPLAIN what is Bharati about you?”

“That is history now like Partition. Look to the future, you slaves. One day I shall be your PRIME MINISTER, the second Mr. Clean like my father.”

O YES, you Crook? If you are a true Bharati, then declare in public, “When I become the Home Minister in Mr. Singh’s cabinet the first criminal to be tried in absentia will be the notorious BOFORS CHOR and I shall tell the nation where those fifty million dollars, the Bofors commission, are.”

“For a change I will say, “BROWN IS BEAUTIFUL.”

O yes? Your Colombian beauty may be mongrel brown, but our PEOPLE have not yet seen her photograph nor know of her pedigree. Which spiritual Lord commands her soul and who does she pray to? Does she aspire to travel to Rome, or Ayodhya?

Will she enter a mandir or a church? Will our native religion be relevant to her? Is she studying anthropology?”

Watch out for the seed of treason growing up as Catholic poisonous Cactus on the fertile HINDU soil- the “dharti” of Sri Ram and Guru Gobind Singh.

Rahul is a predator and a plunderer. He is neither Hindu not Indian at heart. Rajiv was Italian, Rahul is COLUMBIAN.

Our DIGNITY, HONOUR and “SHAKTI” are a matter for each and every Hindu, not only in Amethi. Next time, please vote for a HINDU, not for a Hindu basher.

Dear constituents of AMETHI, Better to be on a bicycle, looking decent, than in a car with your soul consigned to the Lord of Palestine or the Messenger of Mecca in your Hindustani heart.

As a FREE nation we need to shed our slavish mentality. Rahul will only follow in the footsteps of his father, INVITE THE POPE, INVADE THE TAMILS, TERRORISE THE SIKHS, exploit and plunder the nation, and keep us all brainwashed, ignorant, intimidated and impoverished. "Hindu" to him is a dirty word. Ask him to "touch" it.

Dear fellow Hindus, we won only political freedom in 1947. Our economic freedom from poverty was destroyed by Bandit Nehru and his offspring. Our spiritual freedom is under grave threat by the likes of Rahul who are CATHOLIC to the core, but call themselves “Gandhi”, totally forgetting that the first Gandhi (“Bapu” or Mahatma) was a HINDU, a vegetarian, a teetotaller, and lived a simple honest life. Can one say that of ANY (bogus) Gandhi since?

Let us lift the Hindus from the very deep depths of mental slavery. We see how PARTITIONED India is claimed to be "INDEPENENT" India by these crooks while asking the Hindus to shout “Hindu Muslim Bhai Bhai!”

We saw how India MINUS LAHORE AND NOAKHALI, is called AKHAND BHARAT by these crooks to throw dust in our eyes. We saw how they printed and published the maps of TRUNCATED India without shame and regret.

We saw how they controlled, even intimidated, the media to boost their own image sky high, reducing us Hindus to the size of termite. We saw them PLUNDER the nation, neglect education and hinder economic recovery through the culture of permits, “sifaarish”, licenses and bribery. We saw how their strangulating inefficiency and red tape forced our intelligentsia to flee Bharat in order to live and work abroad.

We saw how they set about destroying Hinduism by legislation, by bullying, and through deliberate slight and neglect.

Thus we need to attend to those pillars of stability that this treacherous dirty Dynasty, RAHUL AND PRIYENKA INCLUDED, have destroyed. The nation will be raised on HINDU shoulders. Catholics like Rahul and Priyenka will always work AGAINST our nation under instructions from Vatican.

Our decent, dignified, highly qualified and PATRIOTIC ladies like Uma Bharati, Sushma Swaraj and Saddhwi Ritambra, count for nothing to them. To Congress, Edwina was the First Lady of Hindustan then and Sonia KHAN is the First Lady of Hindustan now. Why do we even have the word “Congress” in our vocabulary if we are not allowed to say “Partition”?

There are many more key questions to EXPOSE these so called “desh bhagats” who are cheating our nation of parliamentary seats, senior diplomatic positions and ministerial posts. The native Hindu is still sitting on the floor while these white and brown FOREIGNERS occupy chairs of power.

Let us ask questions which the rotten “coolie” journalists of Hindusthan do not dare to ask. Let us “GHERAO” Rahul KHAN (so called “Gandhi”), and ASK,

What is your stand on the AKHAND BHARAT of “Bapu” Gandhi?

What do you think of the Grand Temple in Ayodhya?

What do you think of the ambassador from Vatican in New Delhi? Why is there NO Hindu counterpart in the Vatican?

What do you think of having Vatican like sovereign status for Ayodhya and Amritsar, our native holy cities?

What do you think of the native HINDU girls being DEGRADED if you bring a Catholic from Colombia, your father imports a Catholic from the gutters of Italy, your grandmother runs off with a Sunni Musalman-Beiman of Allahabad, and your great grand father’s true love Edwina came from Britain? Who will uphold the dignity, status and image of native HINDU womanhood in the eyes of the world? WHO?”

Yes, we ought to, in fact MUST, ask such questions if we don’t want to see our Hindustan gone for two pence or just for a song. This time it nearly went to a woman who would have been a road sweepress in Italy based on her academic failures and poor knowledge of English and even poorer command of Hindi, who has never heard of Bhagat Singh, Udham Singh, nor even of Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singh, who is dead set against Sri Ram Temple but all charmed by Mecca and Vatican.

Dear fellow Hindus, next time there will be no recovery. All key posts, without exception, will be under Catholics and Muslims, Hindu camp followers will be tolerated, or spoken to, only for votes.

Let us EDUCATE and ENCOURAGE the Hindus. Let us EMPOWER the Hindus. Let us UNITE the Hindus. Congress Sarkar of Sonia, Rahul or Singh will unite the alien minorities, not the native majority.

Let us insist on Rahul marrying a NATIVE HINDU girl, or show him the sign, “QUIT INDIA!”

If he imports a worthless Catholic female from Colombia, and calls her “Rashtramata”, then KICK the “Son of a B****” OUT.

We need to ask, “How is it that Prince Charles cannot marry the most beautiful fairy on earth unless she is a Protestant by RELIGION while our leaders' sons and daughters are picking up their spouses from the gutters of the world?”

We HINDUS are no more the slaves of England, Mohammed and Italy. That is the meaning of real freedom that has remained elusive so far.

Now, let us attend to Rahul, the son of ANTI HINDU “serpents” and NIP THE EVIL IN THE BUD before we see the face of his Colombian sweetheart who is coming with the dream of erecting a grand Cathedral in Amethi. She will have no problem in collecting billions of rupees from the rich fat HINDU millionaires who funded his election campaigns and were dying to make Sonia our Prime Minister.

Watch out for this fellow RAHUL, the enemy with big “tilak” on forehead, calling himself “desh bhagat”.

Muster guts to ASK, “What is Rahul planning to do in our Lok Sabha?”

Ask, too, “Is Rahul a GENUINE Gandhi or a KHAN? Is he a Catholic or a Hindu?”

It is NOT a crime to be a HINDU in Hindusthan. Ours is a rich country but being looted day and night by Nehru to Indira, to Rajiv to Sonia to Rahul and beyond till eternity.

Dear (defeated) BJP. Could you please be bold enough to print this out and distribute one per household in Amethi? Let us begin our new Revolution for the restoration of Hindu Dharma in Vidhan, the dignity of our Bharatiya girls and women and our grand Temple in Ayodhya.

The oriental “niggers” do marry the foreigners but instead of emigrating to live abroad, bring in the spouses to CONVERT our simple people. The Burmese expect their Aung San Suu Kyi to go to England to live with her children there. We never showed the guts to ask Rajiv to go to Italy and attend the cathedrals there.

Now AT LAST we ought to become stalwarts and shout in the ears of Rahul. “QUIT INDIA AND GO TO COLOMBIA. Build your foreign wife’s cathedral there. Leave our Bharat alone. We have already lost enough of souls, TERRITORY and wealth to the predators like you and your dynasty. We wish to follow Sri Ram and live with PRIDE. Any more conversion will bring about a severe retaliation. Ours is a land of great divinity, Vedas, Gita and Granth. There is no more place for Bible and Koran. We cannot bear to see one more Hindu or Sikh “killed” spiritually.

Let us DEMAND of Rahul to declare, “My Colombian Beauty and I respect independent and sovereign Bharat’s NATIVE “avatars” (Divine Rishis and Gurus, “Sons and Daughters” of God) and have embraced Hinduism voluntarily out of love and loyalty towards Hindusthan.”

It is no good to be devout Hindus at the very bottom of the pile while the top is basking in the glory of Islam and Christianity. Hindu in Ayodhya must stand up as tall as the Catholic in Vatican and the Musalman in Mecca. Life is short and the Hindu must live it in full glory. The days of foreign awe and terror in Hindusthan will finally lift when Rahul KHAN (fooling the Hindus as “Gandhi”) is despatched.