Date: 5/27/2004


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But even today there are some websites that display wrong information about Sikhism, for example:

There are numerous other websites like these that give a wrong impression about Sikhism.



If there is any site that is derogatory to the Sikhs, it is due to the FACT that India is still in the STRANGULATING grip of Congress and its ALLIES, Pope and Islam. Hindu has NO say

A weak and feeble Hindustan was literally handed over to MANMOHAN SINGH, the son of soil, by the "Daughter of Mussolini," the ideological and spiritual ENEMY of Hindus and Sikhs. She refuses point black to touch Hinduism even with a barge pole. What an INSULT to the land that feeds, defends and EMPOWERS her!

What bigger DISGRACE for the HINDUS, sons/daughters of soil, to see their DEFENCE in the hands of a Supreme Commander who is a MOHAMMEDAN by his core spiritual loyalty. That is the ENEMY'S deception that will one day result in SURPRISE ATTACK on (the REST of) Hindustan like the Sep 11 attack on America. To trust a Muslim in PARTITIONED INDIA? "thu thu thu!" (SPIT!). It is total DISREGARD and VIOLATION of "The Act of Partition, 1947" that categorically put the Muslim on one side of Wagah and the Hindu on the other.

But what can the HINDUS, sons and daughters of soil, do if the Supreme Commander has threatened to BLOW THEM UP BY GUNS if they advance an inch towards AYODHYA, or dream of recovering North Kashmir?

In this climate, is there any wonder that web sites are springing up that are derogatory to the Sikhs? But these very sites will become very PRO SIKH with full praises of the Sikhs if they all shout, "KHALISTAN, ZINDABAD!" That is "minorityism" in Congress held Bharat.

Today the RULERS of Bharat are PRO MINORITIES, read pro- MOHAMMED and CHRIST. Their sole aim is to keep the HINDU HEADS DOWN, to keep the HINDUS DEMORALISED, DIVIDED or DEAD. If that was not so, then this very Supreme Commander would have himself accompanied all the Hindu REFUGEES back to Srinagar.

Today they are crying and shedding "TEARS OF BLOOD" but there is NO EAR in Bharat to listen to their sad tales. Their leader has yet to come near the shadow of Manmohan Singh who is engaged with negotiations with the leaders of Muslim SEPARATISTS of South Kashmir.

This really pleases SONIA KHAN (the "bit*h" who calls herself "Gandhi"!) and her FELLOW PREDATOR Abdul Kalam, too.

There is need of a WHITE PAPER to be published on their plight, just as there ought to be a WHITE PAPER on the total extermination of Hindus in West Punjab and their PERSECUTION in EAST Bengal and all over Pakistan.

None in Singh's cabinet has a second to spare for their PLIGHT.

Let no one be in any doubt: These ANTI SIKH sites are funded by VAST wealth of the poor of Bharat that is at the disposal of NEHRU DYNASTY in the form of numerous FOUNDATIONS in their names.

No wonder the BOFORS CHOR is called "Mr. Clean", "Chacha" Nehru is called the Founder of Modern India and Bapu Gandhi is called the Warrior who got us INDEPENDENCE.

There is NO mention of PARTITION to wake up the HINDUS by hitting their heads with the STICK OF REALITY to see that LAHORE IS GONE, and so has North Kashmir, and INDIA IS UNDER THE LEFT FOOT OF ITALY. We have yet to enter the word "HINDU" in the Vidhan of Hindustan.