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date: 5/27/2004

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left are great patriots, says manmohan singh - "our friends in the left have a different perception of past economic policies, but they are also great patriots.....



........the criminality of the communist party

.........some politically~incorrect~questions

.......colonel anil athale (retd) may 24, 2004

in this season of being 'politically correct' post the recent election, one wishes to raise some questions.

the 'right' tone was, of course, set by the new york times, that doyen of american wisdom, when it editorially castrated indians opposing sonia gandhi as prime minister for being xenophobic nationalists, conveniently forgetting that us law prohibits a foreign-born citizen from becoming president.

italy, the country of sonia gandhi's origin, bans even transit visas to indians. we are lumped with countries like pakistan, afghanistan and iran who are on a terrorism watch list. some reciprocity indeed.

sonia gandhi has acquired indian citizenship under section 5 of the citizenship act that decrees that the rights of such citizens will be strictly on a 'reciprocal' basis. does italy have the same laws as ours?

the recent election campaign saw constant reiteration of the ahmedabad riots, with documentaries being screened in bengal to revive memories of the horror. secular activists went on an all india tour staging street corner plays on the best bakery episode to drive home their point.

if in retaliation the opponents also showed footage of godhra, akshardham, ghatkopar and the gateway of india bomb blasts, would it have been acceptable?

no wonder there were no vips to pay their respects when the commando who was in coma after the akshardham attack died a few days ago.

now that a secular government is in place in delhi, would some of the anti-national and pro-pakistani members of the muslim community (mark the caveat: not all, but some muslims) stop aiding and supporting agents and terrorists?

will we ever get people to testify against the arrested terrorists? or did the bomb blasts in mumbai, the attack on akshardham and parliament never happen? will we ever get people to testify against the arrested terrorists? or did the bomb blasts in mumbai, the attack on akshardham and parliament never happen?

the left and dmk have demanded scrapping of pota. has the terrorist threat to india ended so we do not need a stringent law like pota? is that the assessment of the intelligence agencies?

the left is also demanding an end to the special relationship with israel. it is through this relationship that we are to get the phalcon airborne systems (denied to china) that is necessary to deal with the pakistani doctrine of nuclear 'first strike.' whose interests would be served by this measure? we have received up to date surveillance devices and anti terrorist gear from israel, which has had a salutary effect on infiltration across the line of control in kashmir. does the new government want to help the infiltrators?

......also read: relations with israel may be affected

india has been catching up with china on the economic front and emerging as its competitor. china receives ten times more foreign investment than india. yet the marxists want india to shut the door on foreign capital and drive it away to china.

in 1962 when china attacked india, these very communists supported it and blamed nehru and india. do the marxists want to play the same game again, now on the economic front? is the congress aware of the marxists' past and their loyalties to china?

st thomas the apostle arrived in india in the first century ad and gathered adherents in the south, when the romans in italy (yes italy) were feeding followers of christ to hungry lions.

the syrian christian church in india is older than the vatican's roman catholic church. muslim historians from al barauni to ibn batuta have mentioned the existence of arab muslim colonies existing peacefully on the west coast and kerala, much before mohammed bin qasim's invasion of sindh and much before the subjugation of north india in 13th century.

do the secularists believe that tolerance and pluralism in india began on august 15, 1947?

there is a law in some states where using casteist abuse against dalits is a criminal offence, but similar abuse against the so-called forward castes is not. repeated rhetoric against the so-called forward castes is permitted by the law and extolled as 'progressive.' is this not absurd?

spreading hatred or disaffection on the basis of religion is wrong and is also punishable. but the marxists continue to spread hatred on the basis of economic class. is this progressive? how is one hatred less damaging than another?

these are some questions that come to mind in the light of recent events. will the india/hindu (not rss) bashing 'intellectuals' respond?


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