Date: 5/28/2004


Any Hindus who fought the invaders in the past are Hindu Warriors.

Sikhs, Rajputs, Marathas, etc have contributed towards the protection of Hindu Dharma.

They had only one thing in their mind, that is to save Hindu Dharma. They were not like us today, who try to challenge one another as to who is more superior in history in defending the dharma.

Muslims never compared themselves to see who is more chivalrous or superior, they only had one thing on their mind, CONQUER THE WORLD (in the name of Allah).

They are getting stronger in unity, we are getting weaker.

At one time there was just Hindu dharma. Then because of disunity and ego amongst ourselves, Sikhism, Buddhism & Jainism was born. Worst, there will soon be Congressi Hindus, BJP Hindus, etc. At the end only we will loose. It's up to all of you now, UNITY or DESTRUCTION.