Date: 6/18/2004



Renowned physicist Newton once said, "Give me a lever long enough and I shall move the earth."

The Institute of Hindu Ideology has been compiling a list of Laws of Ideology. Surprisingly these are as infallible as those of Newton.



You can now easily deduce the “what” and “why” of our own "struggling incoherent illogical and fatherless" world where Secularism is readily surrendered to the INDIAN Muslims in Lahore, but rigorously IMPOSED on the Hindus in Delhi, and where we give them PAKISTAN but also embrace them in Bharat, CONCEDING them equal citizen rights in our own fragment called Bharat, sometimes even more than equal, e.g., Hajj subsidies and Article 370 in case of J & K, the “Muslim majority State”.

The enemy did not keep us under the yoke of slavery just for seven days, but for more than a THOUSAND years.

The END PRODUCT of human material in our ONCE glorious Bharatvarsha, where natives walked tall, worshipping in the open or in magnificent temples, has now replaced Hinduism by Secularism and that means the TWO TOP posts, one executive and the other constitutional, must be under NON HINDUS, projecting our despicable collapse to the outside world as our "moral superiority".

That can only make everyone LAUGH (at our so-called "moral superiority").


1. Where the foreign masters have not turned the citizens into morons or "donkeys", we can see the Americans for their REACTION to Sep 11 attack by Al Qaida.

It is called "a day that still haunts America." So WHY doesn't the unparalleled historic Day of Defeat of 1947, when our frontiers were BLASTED out of existence like the WTC towers in New York, not called “a day that still haunts India?”

In America enquiries at NATIONAL OFFICIAL level are taking place into that disaster, and the NRI's living in America are constantly watching the proceedings on television.

CNN, BBC WORLD TV, FOX NEWS and dozens of radio stations across the world, are taking all this to every part of the world.

A special Commission was set up especifically on the events of 9/11. Department of Homeland Security was set up. What is its equivalent in PARTITIONED India?

The questions being raised by public, journalists, courts and commissions of enquiry, still dog the President of the USA.

Officials and media are vigorously pursuing the background of each and every hijacker, his life, sources of indoctrination, aviation training and the final actions.

All the old Intelligence documents pertaining to Islam and Al Qaida are being looked at for clues to that attack.

The US Air Force is being blamed for being UNPREPARED to destroy those hijacked planes, the flying ISLAMIC missiles, in the air.

From all these proceedings, deductions are being drawn, lessons are being learnt and action is being planned and taken. Not only the nation but the WHOLE WORLD is being kept informed of what is going on in the country that became a VICTIM of one Islamic attack on Sep 11.

The long arm of America reached out to SMASH Al Qaida as far as Afghanistan and the short arm of America makes the life of every traveller a misery by so many baggage and body checks at every air port.

We need to put the savage ISLAMIC attack in both cases in perspective and right proportion.

The attack on INDIA was TEN MILLION TIMES more vicious and deadly than the attack on America. Yet the attention given to that attack in India is LESS THAN ONE BILLIONTH of that being given in America.

Thus we see that LAW OF IDEOLOGY conclusively PROVEN.

THIS revelation now is the biggest weapon in Hindu hands. To spread knowledge, to blast away ignorance and to fix eyes and attention on that MOMENT in history when a Bandit, who had HIJACKED the aeroplane called “INDIA” then crashed it in LAHORE and told his people from the rampart of Red Fort, "YOUR INDIA IS INDEPENDENT BECAUE OF ME!"

It is like America sending a grant of ONE MILLIOIN DOLLARS to each hijacker of Sep 11 attack and engraving their names on a Gold plaque and putting it on the site of those WTC Towers.

2. When I said to someone from TAMIL NADU, “How nice it would be if your State had a seat at UN just like Ethiopia, BOGUSdesh and Austria?”

He was shocked. “How can WE be equal to them- man to man? We are INDIANS.” Then he added, “And what’s wrong with the man or woman from Delhi speaking for us all?”

I told him that the one from Delhi was more likely to speak for SONIA KHAN and ABDUL KALAM than for the Hindus trying to re-appear in Ayodhya and feel safe in NORTH Kashmir.

Furthermore it will be a change in voting pattern, too, since the stooge from Delhi ALWAYS votes to please the PLO.”

When we parted, he cast a very despairing glance at me. How could I think that each HINDU State, right now under Secular YOKE of slavery, could be as bold as Yemen or TANZANIA to show up at UN?

He thought I was mad when I told him of my dream of seeing TWENTY FIVE proud Hindu representatives from 25 Hindu majority States of Bharat, sitting at that world body where now 52 PROUD MUSLIM “COCKS and CROWS” sit with only one agenda: to push Israel into the sea and kill off all the Kafirs.

The flag of “secular” Iraq has the word “ALLAH” on it? Its equivalent in our secular India would be the word."OM".

My Tamil friend now really thought that I was a dangerous Hindu and parted company. (Pardon to those brave ones who wish to see a “Hindu from Tamil Nadu” at UN, and the word OM on Bharat’s flag.

NB: To be fair to the much harried Tamils, especially their kith & kin in Sri Lanka due to our “eunuchs” in Delhi, I could have mentioned EAST PUNJAB, WEST BENGAL, SOUTH KASHMIR, BIHAR, KERALA and even MAHARASHTRA instead of Tamil Nadu. Not one has yet found the TWO at the TOP distasteful, disgusting or UNACCEPTABLE.

“Give me a nation for seven days, . . . ,” he said