Date: 6/18/2004



"Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future."

Paul Boese


Quite a stunning bit of wisdom. but let us look at forgiveness more closely.

There is another side to it, more important to us, the side of the VICTIMS. Why have WE been the victims of relentless aggression for centuries?

Forgiving them is an easy escape route to FORGETTING their attacks.

What better for the ENEMY who knows that we will FORGIVE him for murdering, looting and plunder, even capturing our territory, to do our ETHNIC CLEANSING?

He knows that by forgiving, we will LET HIM KEEP IT ALL, including the abducted daughters, and encourage him to come back again, FOR MORE.

After capturing Lahore they came for SRINAGAR because Bandit Nehru was an admirer of Paul Boese and had forgiven them.

It is the wisdom one cannot share with BOESE. (By the way "Boese" in German means angry, wicked or evil. Please see dictionary).


One still remembers countless stickers in shop windows all over the United States. They simply said, "We cannot forget and will not forgive Armerican massacre of Sep 11."

Many Hindu residents in the USA, too, put these BRAVE signs up on their shop windows but FAILED to pass on this wisdom back home.

Many Hindus, the victims of massacres of 1947 (the FORGOTTEN Partition) can not forgive the killers of their fathers, mothers, family members and friends, nor can they forget.

"Forgive!" is always cried by VICTIMS.

In 1984 the SGPC (the supreme Sikh body in EAST Punjab) were only too eager to FORGIVE Indira Gandhi after her devastating attack on Sri Akal Takht Sahib. They just wanted the thrill of putting a garland of flowers around her neck.

After JALIANWALA Bagh Massacre in 1919, the Sikh congregation of Amritsar was quick to forgive Gen Dyer and actually garlanded him with "saropa" instead of FIRING A GUN at him.

In 1947 Pandit Nehru forgave Jinnah in a second and they came for KASHMIR. The nuclear power India is still trying HOPELESSLY to shake them off from there.

The LAST Hindu ruler of Hindustan, Prithvi Raj Chohan was "PhD" in Forgiving. He forgave the Turkish invader Alauddin Khilji TEN (?) times but when he lost the battle, he was promptly BEHEADED. He got what he deserved.

Lady Hindustan has yet to beat off the UNFORGIVING Musalman from her "constitutional conjugal bed" as a result of THAT forgiving that has wiped out Hindu manhood even from Bollywood, not only from AYODHYA and Srinagar.

The ones who will never forgive or forget are the JEWS, as seen from umpteen HOLOCAUST MUSEUMS across the globe. Sikhs and Hindus have yet to put up one anywhere for obvious reasons.

The amount of D-DAY commemorations and celebrations by the British, ten days ago, shows that this country too, will never forgive, since forgiving is FORGETTING, and forgetting is "asking the DEVIL to come back," as every Hindu ought to know.