Date: 6/18/2004


Muslim women who veil themselves completely in the fashion of AFGHAN females, show to the world their FEAR of the leering, staring and sex starved male eyes. They can only walk through the streets unmolested if they cover themselves up from head to foot.

In contrast, HINDU (Christian, Jew and Buddhist) females have no such culture of lewd and sex starved males, chasing them in streets.

So the Muslim veil is appropriate to the street scene in Peshawar, Karachi, Lahore, EAST Bengal and Kabul. It is totally OUT OF PLACE in all CIVILISED and FREE societies where women have equal rights and protection of law.

But sadly now, we see more and morre MUSLIM women going about in London, Luton, Lancashire and Bradford in England as if they were moving around in some ISLAMIC republic under draconian SHARIA Law.

Hence the following comment by an esteemed Hindu friend in the UK that is worth pondering over.

Veiled Threat

In this day and age, regardless of arguments in favour of veil, the National Security is paramount.

In the history the examples abound, when the unscrupulous islamists terrorists have made use of (misuse) this practice, by concealing the bombs and exploding them to kill the fellow innocent unsuspecting and trusting citizens, especially in Indian Kashmir, and Palestine. God forbid if such incident happens in the Houses of Parliament, the whole Political setup will be wiped off.

General public and children feel threatened seeing someone completely covered in the black cloth and not knowing their motive, except at Halloween night when trick or treat by masked people is known in advance.

We have felt very alarmed seeing the supporters of Abu Hamza outside the mosque,with completely covered faces, as if they are planning to explode bombs, stab, spray chemical of biological agents and get away with murder. The security camera cannot record their faces and police will have no clue as to who they were. Were here now, gone and disappeared in the thin air like the Indian Rope Trick.

In this free country, the mother of democracy, there is no need for any self respecting, decent, honest, saintly person to hide their face.

Only those who are ready to stab, mug, burgle, or commit heinous crime feel the need to cover their tracks and wipe the fingerprints.

The British Government and British people must not give in and police must enforce the ban on covering the faces.

The shops do not allow customers wearing motorcycle helmet in their shops for security reasons. Any one in balaclava would be pursued by the police as suspect and questioned.

In this society we cannot allow Sharia Law which conflicts with the universal Civil Law.

For example stoning the females, four marriages, female circumcisions, cutting the limbs, hands, feet, etc.

Hard liner Islamists will keep the tension in the society to create no go areas and ultimately break up the country like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

We want to live in the United Kingdom with peace love and harmony and not in the Divided Kingdom with riots, murders and mayhem.