Date: 6/18/2004


Further comment on BBC TV programme "PANORAMA" that showed four Muslim women in veil showing just two eyes. The comment below is very relevent to our own HINDU society in Bharat.

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Muslim women who cover up their faces have been “conditioned” or indoctrinated, to avoid social situations where men, including men of their own Faith, are seen, They can only feel at ease within all-female environs, or at home.

Muslim young men, have no option but to seek out NON Muslim females for friendship, dating and eventually marriage. This has caused serious tensions with the NON Muslim communities.

Alternative for the Muslim males is a bride sought and selected by their parents or grandparents, that is, arranged marriage, not love marriage.

Thus those Muslim females who veil up, harm themselves socially within their own Muslim community. They have no confidence in dealing with men in offices, shops, streets and elsewhere.

Veil also LIMITS their chances of finding a job. No customer would wish to speak to a sales woman showing just two eyes.

Catholic nuns do cover up heads, but not faces. Furthermore that is their job or vocation. They are not seen working in banks, offices or shops. They also do not marry.

It is up to the Muslim females to take up, or reject, the freedoms of the Western (CHRISTIAN), and Eastern (HINDU and BUDDHIST) societies where they now live out of free choice.