Date: 6/18/2004


“Ah! My janam-bhumi!” cried a Hindu refugee from MULTAN, the city of Bhagat Prahlad., who still regards Pakistan as his “watan” (motherland) despite the harrowing events of 1947. He continued, "Bandit NEHRU surrendered the city to Mohammed. I DIDN'T."

“First they went after the HINDUS in Noakhali, killing, mutilating, raping, burning and pillaging.

Then they went for the SIKHS of West Punjab, doing the same dance of death, beginning with Rawalpindi district in March 1947. The term "ethnic cleansing" really began here.

Then they went for the Ahmediyas and the Khwajas.

Finally, when only Shias and Sunnis were left they went for EACH OTHER.

Their "MOTHER" in Saudi Arabia, who had sent KORAN, Intolerance and separatism to them, caught fire, too.

My "Watan" was a fine place so long as the British kept law and order and the Muslim beasts in check. Since they left, our land has been going back and back beyond the Dark Ages, to resemble the wilderness seen at the time of Mohammed, that is, the landscape of lizards, camels and thorny cactus."

We can only console the Hindus that when we do manage to throw out every FOREIGN FINGER, we shall celebrate second "HOLI".

In the meantime watch the cactus growing and the camels increasing in the intellectual DESERT called Pakistan, that was once part of our green BHARAT, and my "watan".