Date: 6/18/2004



British National Party in England and Wales.

CONGRATULATIONS on excellent showing in the elections. Despite the FLAK from the scare mongering media and the ruling (fooling) establishment, Party's performance was super.

As the time goes on, the British people will be comprehending the message of BNP and show more and more solidarity with the Party.


There is something else that happened yesterday, 11th. of June 2004:

the establishment of Europe's largest, mostly Saudi funded, ISLAMIC Centre cum Mosque in London. The "sermon of peace" was delivered by the Imam of Mecca while those violent forces, that threaten Western civilisation, are BATTERING at the gates of Saudi Citadel itself in Jeddah and Mecca.

It is not a country that is safe for tourists or delights women drivers and shoppers. Sadly, it is barren intellectually, spiritual flights having been frozen since the death of Mohammed. Any fresh thought is considered blasphemy. Any discussion or utterance has to be below the mediocre primitive "Words spoken by God" as embodied in Koran. Free thinkers like Salman Rushdie and Tasleema Nasrin know their fate if they visit Mecca. The Islamic Centre in London is the tiny but shiny tip of that kind of "way of life".

If Koran is the WORD OF GOD, and ETERNAL, too, then its teachings, exhortations and inspiration, that produced the Taliban and Al Qaida, will only gain foothold and strength in the United Kingdom, not decrease and die away.

Most Britons think that Britain has ERECTED another Column to rival Church of England. This one will COMPETE, not coexist.

The Imam's inaugural "sermon of peace" will soon be forgotten since it goes against the grain of Koran, and more and more of the "followers and believers" arriving from the Islamic world in turmoil, will find the Centre a great source of comfort, Inspiration and Indoctrination. And if there are any illegal immigrants sheltering there, will the British police have access to them?

The nature of inmates will become quite different in the near future. They will comprise the Afghans, the Pakistanis, the Bangladeshis, the Somalis, the Sudanese, the Albanians and the rest of Islamic world that is heavily overpopulated, in revolt, feud, and impoverished. Millions are desperate to escape what they have THEMSELVES created, e.g., the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, that was created in 1947 with the promise of four wives, a car and a television set for each male citizen.

The grand Islamic Centre in London will provide Islamic watch dogs and hawks, media men and legal experts, who will be looking out for anything seen or heard that can be remotely seen as anti Islamic incitement or irreverence to Koran, and threaten severe reprisals- legal and otherwise.

While the critics are intimidated or silenced, the Centre, with vast funds at its disposal, will be free to saturate schools, universities and libraries with glossy literature, including books and audio visual materials, praising Islam as the world religion, and actively encourage conversions, especially among the lonely females looking for love. The Centre will make sure that all conversions, are ONE WAY traffic.

Church of England seem to be silently watching ISLAM set roots deep in soil and grow institutionally, in numbers, and political clout.

It reminds most Indians on earth of the Hindu high priests who were too busy in their own affairs and left it to the Muslims to take the bold INITIATIVE to demand a separate homeland for the Muslims of India in 1947. They used Deception and Surprise to achieve their goal within weeks.

India of one thousand million inhabitants is still unsteady, reeling under the impact of that lethal blow. Since then she has seen many Islamic Centres, Mosques and "Madrassas" like the one in London come up all over.

Europe's biggest Islamic Centre in London is set to grow, but invisibly, from day to day, like Major Oak in Sherwood Forest in Nottinghamshire, that has grown to the size of a giant.

The British people who know that peace and stability in a country depend on its MAJORITY COMMUNITY dominating their territory in a virile and manly manner, will soon swell the ranks of BNP.

Labour Party in this country, that was in power in 1947, ought to have seen the fate of crumbling India (now in three fragments) where the majority community (the HINDUS) did not know their vital role while replacing the British colonial masters in 1947. The power vacuum sucked everybody in within days, leaving the Vale of Kashmir in flames and gunfire.

Labour Party had good reason then to see India blasted and broken up violently. What good reason do they have now, to ensure the SAME fate ultimately for the UNITED Kingdom, too?