Date: 6/18/2004


British National Party is criticised by MUSLIM-FRIENDLY MEDIA in the UK, who predict doom for the party for its anti Islam warnings.

With the establishment of Europe's biggest cultural centre and mosque in London on June 11, 2004, a formidable and ever expanding Muslim Fifth Column has been planted on the soil of United Kingdom. How long will she remain UNITED, now remains to be seen. No HINDU coming from PARTITIONED India ("BROKEN" BHARAT) can say, "All will be well in the United Kingdom."

It is most worrying to note that world's oldest democracy, where free expression ensured freedom from intellectual suppression and tyranny, is now about to pass legislation to ban any criticism of restless, separatist, intolerant and destructive Islam that has wiped out civilisations from North Africa to Indonesia. One can no more ask, "What do the two words INFIDEL and BELIEVER, written so frequently in Koran, mean?"

The rise of Islam is most worrying for the non Muslim minorities who, for reasons too well known, do not have enough force and strength to counter Islamic outrages and onslaughts. The most common complaint is seduction of their simple, secular, naive girls by highly motivated predator Muslim youth, especially at high schools and universities.

In Bharat the counterpart of BNP would be HINDU MAHASABHA or Shiv Sena. Although the so-called modern, liberal, secular Hindu is brainwashed or cowed to the extent as to call these parties "Hindu fundamentalist", India would not have been broken up into three fragments in 1947 had these so-called Hindu fundamentalist parties been given the same weightage as All-India Muslim League at the talks for independence that ended in partition due to treacherous collaboration between Congress Party and Muslim League, with the HINDU kept out of sight.

It ought to be recalled that while the Muslims declared openly that they had NO faith in Nehru's and Gandhi's Congress Party, and wanted MUSLIM LEAGUE to speak on their behalf to the British rulers, the APOLITICAL Hindus simply and silently went under Bandit Nehru's mongrel flag with dire consequences for them, their families, particularly women and girls, their places of worship, and India as a whole.

In UK, to many observers, the rise of ISLAM, among other factors, gave a boost to BNP.

There will be further gains for them if some Muslim terrorists, militants and extremists, exploded bombs or blew up a train or plane.

If the Muslims behave in the UK as they did in India BEFORE 1947 (they were all law abiding gentle "lambs" from Chittagong to Khyber during the British rule), BNP will vanish.

Muslims do not announce their plans in advance. They use SURPRISE and DECEPTION.

West is learning it only now what we knew centuries ago. Guru Gobind Singh, Shivaji, and anyone else, who resisted the alien Islamic advance, was often attacked by deception and surprise, but when caught or trapped they invariably escaped by swearing on Koran, promising good behaviour. We know of Prithvi Raj Chohan's trust in an oath taken on Koran.

Therefore, the mature and patriotic British public will keep BNP ticking away amidst them as a deterrent.

A by-product of BNP message is that the proverbially apolitical Hindu and the "nishkam sewak" Sikh are also being politicised in the United Kingdom. Perhaps they will think of back home, land of our roots and divinity, and demand to know, "Why the head of state in Bharat is not a Hindu?", and "Why the Italian born semi literate female is the chief adviser to the Prime Minister of India?"