Date: 6/18/2004



The dull and simple SIKH used to write PUNJAB in his address when five rivers flowed through the province. He again wrote PUNJAB after LAHORE vanished due to patriotism of Baldev Singh, and again PUNJAB when Ambala went due to malicious Indira, and again PUNJAB when Shimla disappeared from the map of his State that was once comparable to the ROSE flower but today looks like a thorny quill on the back of a porcupine.

How foolish can one be driven, especially if one is a SIKH, and an INDIAN, too. (I plead with them not to lose temper on me, but on their own "AQAL" and "gherao" their useless leaders, or do something about the grand PUNJAB of their imagination. I say to them, "SIT UP and find another word to describe the "QUILL" of porcupine, that you (fools) regard a Province."

Congress Party of Bandit Nehru, Indira, Rajiv and Sonia noticed the outstanding Sikh among the submissive rabble, and has been giving the Sikh 'collective head' BLOW AFTER BLOW but our Sardar still kisses the left foot of the illiterate White Elephant from Italy. (She is damn ILLITERATE in "gurbani, katha, paTh and kirtan, and contemptuous of the Sikh's long "Kes", or hair, and beard. But the "Sardar" is happy in tow.)

For six decades our nation of great wisdom and divinity, but smashed “gaurav”, has lived under the dark clouds of worst deception created by a ruthless BANDIT and a despicable traitor who could easily fool literally hundreds of millions of his HINDU subjects.

This “RASCAL”, who had returned from England with the title of barrister-at-law, negotiated PARTITION of India with the INDIGENOUS (Indian) Mohammedans and the foreign British masters over the heads of the simple, gullible, trusting, NATIVES.

NEHRU readily cooperated with the ENEMY AT HOME, that is, the Indian Muslims, in surrendering one third of our sacred TERRITORY to the Sharia Law of Saudi Arabia as per Koran that is also the Constitution of the most violent and ruthless Land of Mohammed.

Both Sharia and Mohammed are not only diametrical OPPOSITE to the traditions of tolerance of our HINDU society but sworn enemies of Secularism and our spirit of peaceful Co-existence.

The natives of Bharat have been PERSECUTED and PUNISHED relentlessly by the Muslims who carried arms and weapons to terrify the local populations, destroying our temples, seducing, often abducting, our helpless females, and frequently resorting to FORCIBLE conversions across the land.

The rare Hindu pockets of resistance like the followers of Shivaji, Maharana Pratap, Maharani of Jhansi and Guru Gobind Singh rose and subsided without BEHEADING beheading the Muslim rulers, kings, nawabs, governors and emperors ON TOP.

The enemy’s permanent policy: By Sword or Constitution the Head of Hindustan must be a MUSLIM to make things look right to the world.

The ruling TOP has thus remained anti Hindu by tradition and de facto, to this day. If we look around the whole world, there is NOT ONE country with its rulers of the loathsome despicable kind that our own Bharat has, right on top, who promptly notice a small outburst of Hindu pride and RETALIATION as in Gujerat recently, but overlook DECADES of Hindu persecution, suppression, intimidation, brainwashing, killing, rape, abduction and even forcible conversions in our Land that is as much Sri Ram’s as Arabia is Mohammed’s. The President, ABDUL KALAM, has yet to "relate" to his Hindu subjects, who are keen to sacrifice their lives for him, to notice the insult in the name "HINDUKUSH". He had to name at least one hill in Gujerat, Maharashtra or Punjab as "MUSLIMKUSH" to teach the wild Hindu "killing, statue blasting" Afghans good manners. Surely Abdul Kalam is NOT one of us.

For ONE BILLION of us to be so ignorant, brainwashed and behaving like coolies, servants and serfs of Italy & Islam, is unacceptable. It is a blot on our self esteem and national honour that must be removed.

The Security of Bharat is not in Hindu hands. The armed forces serve the Will of “Bandits and Bitches” of Dynasty, not the interests of our nation. They have been forced and FOOLED into defensive warfare right from 1947 and made to eat the muck of bogus “CEASE FIRES”.

The worst insult to their pride and patriotism was the unconditional return of EAST Bengal to fundamentalist Islam in 1972 as was her unconditional surrender in the first place in 1947.

Today Dhaka is under an ISLAMIC Constitution that is perfectly acceptable to both Abdul Kalam and his “white elephant” from Italy. The latter has even managed to put the “collar of dog’s loyalty” around a Sikh’s neck. At every step the so-called “Sardar” Manmohan Singh must consult her, and take her counsel, about the affairs of the Hindus and our Hindustan. (In today’s Broken Bharat the word “Sardar” has come to mean “be-waqoof” or “bhangi”. There was one called "Baldev Singh", better known as Nehru's Poodle.)

Not one MP in Lok Sabha has questioned Sonia’s qualifications, family background and loyalty towards our nation. Sitting under the shadow of this woman who is sheltering the corruption of BOFORS CHOR, and having to give ministerial posts to her stooges and lickspittles, must be most revolting to the soul and conscience of our “Singh” who knows that a word in support of Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya will cost him his chair, and head, in a second. Such is the slavery of the Hindus that is being inflicted on them in broad daylight due to our IGNORANCE, DISUNITY, NEUTRALITY and COWARDICE

Ultimately, as many predict, the “cup of concessions, appeasement and surrenders” will be full, and we Hindus will have to seek out our past heroes like Shivaji and Guru Gobind Singhji again, bring them out in the open, and then LASH OUT in all directions in anger and frustration.

You will see the boards bearing alien MOHAMMEDAN names of cities like Allahabad, Ghaziabad, Moradabad, Murshadabad, Secunderabad, Hyderabad, Aligarh, etc., SET ON FIRE, and replaced proudly by native names like Ram Nagar, Krishna Nagar, Gobind Gadh, Shivaji Nagar, Sita Gadh, Luv Pur, Kush Nagar, Arjun Nagar, Ajit Singh Nagar, Zorawar Singh Nagar, Ranjit Nagar, and so on and so forth. At present the only decent names left are Ayodhya, Amritsar, Varanasi, Karnavati, Mathura and Chitod Gadh that reminds us of the self-immolation by Rajput Women while men went out to drive away the barbaric Mohammedan attackers, and perished to the last lad.

Like the honourable sons and daughters of soil, we must take the affairs of Bharat in our own hands, pulling the plug out on the Italian Mafia and the Muslim “Malechch” for good. Their open agenda is slowly pushing our nation towards an abyss by further destroying Hindu manhood and weakening Hindu main stock through desertions of native Gurus and Avataras, and ultimately causing CHAOS of horrendous proportions.

Today’s temporary doldrums, and the semblance of peace, are deceptive. The dam of Deception and High Treason called “PARTITION”, is gathering waters and will eventually burst, drowning and killing everyone.

Like a SWORD, the question, “What are the Mohammedans doing in our PARTITIONED India?”, is hanging overoverhead. It is a legitimate question that DEMANDS an answer. Partition is UNFINISHED business.

Like the division of Palestine, the division of India, too, is a festering WOUND and deep bleeding GASH in the body of Hindustan. The question is, “Why Lahore is out while Srinagar is in? Who was empowered or entitled to surrender our Lahore to the ENEMY in 1947?”

That trial is still due. In fact the TRIAL of all the Nehrus and Gandhis is still due. One day a NATIVE court, functioning under the new (post revolution) Constitution, will listen to evidence, and meter out exemplary punishment to Congress leaders who declared, and still declare, “India is independent,” overlooking the BURNING provinces and the millions massacred or driven out of their homes. The PLO’s cry to “return home” is in marked contrast to India’s sheepish silence on recovery of territories surrendered in 1947 without referendum, argument and fight, without proper and peaceful population transfer.

That “independence” was only for the bandits, thugs, criminals, rascals and traitors, some of whom are still sitting in India’s Parliament.

The downward slide of the badly mauled and mortally wounded Hindu nation must be stopped.

The first step is to dump the "Betrayal, Surrender and Deception" called “Independence” of "timid jackals", but call it “PARTITION” to reflect the guts and "gaurav" of a MANLY Hindu nation.

Please spare a thought for the burning cities in western and eastern INDIA, and listen to the cries and wails of all those abducted, raped, killed, widowed and orphaned. RELATE TO THEM. They were not “vermin”, nor was our INDIA a “rat” colony.

Please confer tons of DIGNITY and PRIDE upon yourselves, and persuade our third class leaders and organisations to delete the word “Independence” just as that “Son of a Bi*ch”, Jawaharlal NEHRU, deleted the word “PARTITION” from our vocabulary, and, later, from his “Vidhan”, thus presenting us to the world as MORONS.

That will be the first glorious but small step towards the bloodless revolution that is coming. It will also please the “despatched” (not “departed”) soul of Bapu Gandhi, who insisted on non violence at all costs.