Date: 6/18/2004



IT IS A SIMPLE EQUATION but please think hard on it. The one who digs a deep pit for another, HIMSELF FALLS INTO IT.

In 1947, we sent our top leaders to negotiate INDEPENDENCE from the BRITISH masters. But they, all sheep and goats, returned with a truncated map of our dear country with ONE THIRD TERRITORY MISSING.

That was PAKISTAN conceded by our own leaders UNCONDITIONALLY. Then they called it Independence to fool us further.

Britain and America were delighted to break the backbone of the Hindus and the head of the Sikhs. Thus was born the illegitimate, non secular, intolerant, primitive "bastard" ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan whose ISLAMIC constitution was an affront to all the values that India stood for. BUT WAIT.

Pakistan, true to her ISLAMIC nature, had to become a "prostitute" of the West. Now Gen Musharraf needs a brigade to defend his life from fellow Pakistanis.

Pakistan produced the madrassas who produced TALIBAN, who hosted AL QAIDA, who flew the jets straight info the "BUM" OF AMERICA.

The Americans call it Sep 11 "attack by surprise and deception."

Then an angered America sent army to finish off the Taliban and thus devastated what was left of Afghanistan. Seeing the state and fate of fellow Muslims, Iraq's Saddam Hussein challenged America.

UK and USA sent their troops to Iraq, to fight and DIE, pulling Great Britain, too, into the dance of death. Seeing their plight in Afghanistan and Iraq, the Al Qaida swore to wipe out the House of Saud, too.

That is where now the fires are raging and the petrol prices are going up through the roof. What naxt? Please do contribute your valuable thoughts on the issue of future.

So the lesson: Those who dig the pit for the others, fall into it themselves.

Now BRITAIN AND AMERICA HAVE FALLEN INTO THE PIT CALLED PAKISTAN AND ISLAM. They have dragged their stooge SAUDIS, too, with them into the pit called ISLAMIC reaction.