Date: 6/18/2004


Gladstone stands alone as the only man who was prime minister of the United Kingdom four times. He had this to say of SONIA Khan’s ROMAN CATHOLIC: We should take note since Sonis is de facto EMPRESS OF HINDUSTAN. England will never consider a Catholic king or queen. Why should Bharat stick to one? Gladstone said this of ROMAN CATHOLIC CHURCH, “An Asian monarchy, nothing but one giddy height of DESPOTISM and one dead level of religious SUBSERVIENCE.” (page 391. Biography by Roy Jenkins, pub Macmillan. ISBN: 0-333-60216-1)


INDIA’S NEW CABINET: Despicable traitors, lickspittles and anti Hindu MEN OF STRAW.

The comment is on them all. They are approved as loyal dogs of dynasty by the Woman from Italian “gutter”, SONIA Maino who has contempt for every native Swami, Rishi, Mahatma and Guru, who is there because of name Gandhi and who sees her son Rahul one day taking the oath of office as Prime Minister. She has no pedigree and not involvement with India’s freedom struggle, culture and language. She is adamant on converting the masses to Catholic Faith and would love to invite the POPE again to pay an OFFICIAL visit to Bharat to boost the flagging morale and spirit of the missionaries there.

Next comes the Prime Minister. He happens to be a Sikh; a fact that the world media are making the most of by declaring that In India minorities can rise to the top. There is a serious deception in this statement. The word “minority” is being drummed into our ears to prepare the psychological ground for the next prime minister, again from a minority, either Sonia herself or a MUSLIM. We ought to tell them, “When you say minority, use the word NATIVE as prefix.” Sikh may be a minority but that is NATIVE minorities and Sonia and Abdul may be minorities, too, but they belong to FOREIGN minorities. We ourselves ought to be up on history to know that the native minorities have always been exposed to hammering, persecution and killing as in 1947 and later in 1984, not to overlook the native minority Hindu in South Kashmir. In the North the minority has been EXTERMINATED. Now compare their miserable plight with the “silver-spoon” minority like Catholic Sonia and GUN and DAGGER minority like the BULLYING Muslims.

What exposed the pathetic state of dependence of Manmohan Singh was the despicable act of going to the Samadhi of RASCAL RAJIV to pay homage to BOFORS CHOR. Singh stood there for a while and did a seep salaam to son of Feroze KHAN who imported his spouse from Italy, let her into Prime Minister’s house without security vetting, then and ordered the subservient Hindu nation to call her “Rashtramata”. We expected his fact act to announce, “BOFORS CHOR will be tried and so, too, every crook like LALOO PARASHAD who cheats his poor people. Shame on this SINGH.

Next if LALOO PRASHAD: Here is a gangster who ought to be un JAIL but he will be a cabinet minister. What he did in Bihar he can now do all over India. There when facing corruption charges, he simply put his own WIFE n the chair of Chief Minister. Government of India overlooked this CRIME.

There is no need to name the other dogs of dynasty. To their good luck BJP did not have the guts to TELL THE TRUTH about Congress. So the Congress is back on their heads. So the Congress will be the strong pullers and manipulate th4e puppets SINGH & CO.

The Hindu needs to see the POLITICAL status of a Muslim in IRAQ and BANGLADESH and go for HALF OF IT. The Sikh needs to put the SIXTH “Kay” for COMPUTERS above the other Five. Only then can be he one fourth of the Musalman in Lahore and one tenth of the Mohammed in Sri Nankana Sahib.

22 May 2004