Date: 6/19/2004


Ref. The Daily Telegraph, London, May 31, 2004, p. 5. Reporter Toby Helm. (comments in bracket ours).

Downing street has drawn up secret plans (1) to prevent the spread of extremism among young Muslims after confidential studies found that there are up to 10,000 (TEN THOUSAND) (2) "active" supporters of al Qaida in Britain.

(1. With Muslims occupying KEY POSTS in the ruling establishment in Bharat, can one draw up CONFIDENTIAL plans with regard to ANY aspect of Muslim activity and potential, in our PARTITIONED India? In 1947 we saw them all behaving like AL QAIDA. Then as suddenly as the lethal blow of PARTITION, they were all "brushed pure white" by Nehru and Gandhi at the stroke of MIDNIGHT when India met with her "tryst with destiny". English scholars say, "NEHRU was a "bad-ma'sh," or RASCAL, to use the word "tryst" when India was bleeding profusely in agony and misery after her MUTILATION with millions of bedraggled HINDU refugees pouring in across her new borders in rags.”

(2 This figure is for 60 million Britons, where not one cabinet minister is a Muslim appeaser like Laloo Prashad and Sikh killer like Jagdish Tytler, and not one police officer is corrupted like the BOFORS CHOR, So, when projected for one billion Indians, it means there are nearly TEN MILLION active sympathisers of Al Qaida and at least HALF A MILLION of them are most willing, even EAGER, to become suicide bombers to blast banks, offices, colleges, city centres, temples, gurdwaras, Lok Sabha and the Rashtrapati Bhawan.)

Reports commissioned by the Government, details of which were leaked to The Sunday Times, found that many young Muslims are recruited from among the poor and jobless, (3) who are regarded by al Qaida chiefs as more susceptible to exploitation,

(3. They WERE poor and jobless, AND DISGRUNTLED & REBELLIOUS, in pre partition India as they ARE now in post partition India as well as in modern BRITAIN.

The cause OF eternal and universal Muslim backwardness is BEYOND British Government, in fact, beyond ANY government.

The Muslim youth are brought up to HUNT FEMALES and KILL KAFIRS, even blowing themselves up in the holy process, more than prepare and train for jobs. It's all there in HADIS and KORAN, only if Tony Blair cares to see. He does claim to have read Koran but then said, “Islam is a religion of peace." Due to such leaders India perished in 1947. Then, too, it was LABOUR ministry in power in London.)

According to a Whitehall audit, Muslims are three times more likely to be jobless than the average member of the population.

The studies also cite evidence from MI5 that al Qaida is seeking out middle class recruits in universities. (4) There are also recruitment operations in schools.

(4. That is where our Hindu/Sikh girls become their EASY TARGETS and PREY.

While MOST Hindu/Sikh parents of such seduced, abducted and DEGRADED girls are crying in anguish, some quote Gandhi while the others quote Guru Nanak, saying, "All are equal, there is no difference between a Hindu sadhu and a Musalman-beiman-shaitan- haiwan."

To all the self-negating smashed Hindu admirers of Sonia and Sikh adorers of Abdul Kalam, THIS is secularism.)

In March, Sir Andrew Turnbull, the Cabinet Secretary, initiated a strategy to try to establish the roots of discontent among young Muslims.

Dozens of Whitehall officers have been ordered to work on how to improve relations with the Muslim community and to encourage Muslim clerics to adopt moderate views.

Radical Imams will be thoroughly vetted and, if they do not agree to comply with the Government's demands, will be barred.

The Government wants to marshal opposition to extremism from within the moderate Muslim community and to persuade the moderates that they are welcome and supported by the British system. One idea is to offer funding for moderate Islamic newspapers and radio and television stations. (5)

(5 Offer funding? Are you going to appease Islam by FUNDING the “moderate” Muslim editors, Mr. Blair? What more do they want? Now what will the POOR Indians in your ex colony do? Give the Muslims even more girls and high offices, and NEVER MENTION PARTITION?)

Tony Blair said yesterday that most leaders of the Muslim community were "very responsible people." (6)

(6. Ask the nervous wreck of an English teacher whose career and nerves have been blighted by only just ONE disruptive pupil who spat on her, hit her on her head, stamped her hard on her toe with his foot, and then set fire to the school library. Wasn’t that ONE “Muslim Monkey” of a student MORE THAN ENOUGH for her?

At such times one feels that Tony Blair’s England today is like PRE PARTITION India.)