Date: 6/21/2004


The following suggestion, to change the name of All-India Hindu Mahasabha, is interestnig and worth considering. But why are those in MUSLIM League not so embarrassed about the word MUSLIM?

Why has Germany's most RESPECTABLE political party the word CHRISTIAN in its title?

The reason for the suggestion is POOR performance of our Hindu Maha Sabha.

General public do not know what they have achieved since birth, what they plan to do, what they stand for, and why they are not seen in or around Ayodhya, or in the media, as often as Congress, Italy and Islam.

Let us discuss the issue openly. Most Hindus feel that people wish to see a strong and manly "counterpoise" to "Muslim League" that has not been banned despite their HIGH TREASON.

We ought to expect something as spectacular from our Hindu Mahasabha as the demand for Pakistan by Muslim League in 1940.

Perhaps unilateral repudiation of that bogus Partition? That would call for great courage and patriotism.

Or, they could insist on strict adherence by Bharat to the terms of the "ACT OF PARTITION, 1947." By that Act, if the MUSLIMS were to get their exclusive Homeland, the Hindus, too, were to get their Hindu Rashtra. Who will speak up and AGITATE, even fight, for Hindu Rashtra, if not our Mahasabha?

Our Mahasabha could announce, "August 15 shall be designated as Day of Mourning in memory of Karachi, Lahore and EAST Bengal that vanished from the map overnight.

Or, they could call it Day of Remembrance to recall and pay tribute to the TWO MILLION Hindus slaughtered by our fellow citizens in 1947.

They could also have stood up, backing an appeal to raise the Hindu Holocaust Museum. They would have got more than 100,000,000 by now.

It was up to Hindu Mahasabha to protest against the Constitution that facilitates a Muslim to occupy TOP POST in PORTITIONED INDIA (Bharat), a constitution that does not mention PARTITION in its very first Article, that cannot drop Article 370 from its pages.

Those who do not perform, go out of public mind very soon, or quietly re-surface under another name.


COMMENT to change the name of main Hindu party.

I think the name of the organization (Hindu Mahasabha) needs to be changed. It's not appealing. It sounds like a fundamentalist Hindu organization. There is no reason to be anti-Muslim, anti-Christian, anti-Shikh, etc.

If you just be pro-Hindu, that will do wonder. It should be a fair game for all religions. (THE CUCKOO'S IDEA OF "FAIR GAME FOR ALL!")

Let's learn to compete with other religions. Protectionism will not bring permanent solution. Let's try to understand that religious conversion in India is not happening because of the fact that these people like the other religion; it's happening because of oppression and neglect. If we can eliminate that, you will see the contrary results because Hinduism offers perpetual peace for the soul. Hatred toward others will not lead us to anywhere. Let's face it - Hinduism needs long waited reformation.