Date: 6/24/2004



"all the secularist media and leftists and their running dogs like congress, laloo etc. launched a blitz that the Gujarat riots did the bjp in.

Even BJP was taken in, the statements of many senior leaders were made in this regard. The secularist lobby has scored in that BJP is damned for the riots, and they can easily forget the Godhra carnage. It will now be easy to declare there was no godhra, if at all it was then it was the handiwork of RSS etc."


COMMENT on above:

Muslims killed TWO MILLION Hindus and Sikhs in 1947, their best crop of Hindu heads. The Hindus forgot and forgave within one second.

That put WIND in the sails of Muslim boat. The massacre or the HOLOCAUST of Hindus is considered a normal event by Muslims and Christians since it is ACCEPTABLE to the Hindus.

Then if the Hindus touch the whiskers of one musalman the world seems to fall off its axis. There is hell of a hue and cry, accusations and threats of court action and so on. All meant to INTIMIDATE the Hindus and to make us SHRINK further. Such a shrunk Hindu is already the size of a peanut if he "celebrates" the surrender of one third of Hindustan and massacre of two million of us, instead of seriously "commemorating" the Dead of 1947.

The way forward is to LOOK CLOSELY at Iraq to see how the NATIVES are looking at the Americans and how they would look at any ITALIAN female.

The way forward is to name at least ONE village, town or locality in Gujerat where the ENEMY got a dozen killed by Hindus and then name it MUSLIMKUSH. That name has encouraged the Muslims to kill more and more Hindus over the centuries. That name is quite acceptable to Jenab Abdul Kalam. But suggest naming a tiny village in Gujerat or EAST Punjab as "Muslimkush", then see our seemingly secular Jenab Abdul Kalam, even Laloo Prashad, catching fire in rage.

If they raise a hue and cry, then we need to point to HINDUKUSH.

The way forward is to ask the MUSLIMS to quit Bharat. If they protest, let us mention the word "PARTITION". Do the Sikh prayers "to see Nankana Sahib back in Bharat" cut any ice with Abdul Kalam or Sonia Khan? If not, then they, too, need to be EXTERMINATED as a punishment for degrading the Sikhs.

And what about their stand AGAINST Sri Ram Temple in Ayodhya? Can these two and the Imam of Jama Masjid (that was originally a grand Hindu temple in Delhi) keep all the Hindus chanting, "Hum sub ko samjhaen ge, mandir wuhin banayenge," for the next seven centuries? Or for next 12 years?

We Hindus have been behaving and acting just as our enemies wish us to do. That is, the news of Hindu killing coming from South Kashmir, to be overlooked or completely disregarded but the news of one Muslim killed anywhere to be blown up and the survival of secularism and Hinduism in PARTITIONED India put before a question mark?

Now it is up to all of us to change the perceptions. A Hindu killed in Bharat ought to call for the KILLING of a hundred Muslims. This is exactly how Israel would do and how the USA is doing by raining bombs over Baghdad. If in doubt, please SEE their troops in Afghanistan and Iraq.

It is UP TO US, to take Hindu life and our Dharti seriously and demand the return of not only Nankana Sahib but also of the whole of EAST Bengal.