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date: 6/25/2004

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the imperialist british gave mohammed just two days before departing from india in 1947.

in these two days the devil was out of cage and one third of india vanished from map and two million hindus and sikhs were massacred, gang raped, and tens of millions were forced out of their homes.

now a suggestion, more than six decades later, to commemorate the dead every year on august 14.


14 august, 2004. the day is approaching fast. so in the meantime it is our great challenge to put this idea across the one billion hindus.

so, come 14 august, sonia and abdul kalam will see a sea of black ribbons around them and across bharat.

a new invigorated hindu nation would have been born. up to now a bewildered leaderless hindu rabble was ordered, "go east of this border (wagah, east punjab) or go west of that border (east bengal) or go south of this border (kashmir), or go north of this border (sylhet in bogusdesh).

now it is high time for the hindus to secure their borders and kick mohammed east of this border, west of that border, south of this border and north of that border.

now counter attack will begin and gather force and fury. the birth of the new hindu nation (hindu rashtra) is our responsibility. best of luck to all the patriots.

we would have seen the fervour of the europeans for their football teams, and we would have noticed the courage of the iraqis and the long memory of the plo.

so it is time for the "demolished" hindus to catch up on these qualities soon and rise.

a new super power (mera bhaarat mahaan) is waiting to be born east of suez.


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