Date: 7/29/2004


.........On the holy day of JUMMA (Friday) 29 July, 2004


Pakistan condemns hostage killing of two Pakistanis held hostage in Iraq as a crime against humanity.

The pan Arabic al-jazeera TV station said a videotape from a group calling itself the “Islamic Arm in Iraq” showed the men’s dead bodies.

Militants had threatened to execute the pair unless their Kuwaiti employers left Iraq.

Pakistan’s foreign ministry said the captors had “committed a crime against humanity, against Islam.”

Before we say, “SERVES YOU RIGHT, MOHAMMED,” let us examine the official Paki outburst closely.

Was the attack on United India and the MASSACRE of over two million Hindus and gang rape and abduction of tens of thousands, not a crime against humanity? Was it as per Islam and as per Koran?

Listening to the Napaki spokesman shedding tears for the two men with MOHAMMED in their names, and recalling the blood of fallen Hindus at the hands of INDIAN Muslims in 1947, a Sikh from North Kashmir and a Hindu from EAST Bengal can only say, “ALLAH HAS SERVED YOU RIGHT.”