Date: 7/31/2004


This is a failure of good governance and khisiyani billi khamba noche attitude that Atalji is developing lately including trying to blame Narendra Modi and Gujrat for their defeat in national elections.

When in power he had access to all records and agencies, then he could have moved the Supreme Court to find and give a declaratory relief regarding Nehru, at least Truth would have come out. (Tatvam Pushan Apavrinu, Satya Dharmay Dristaye.)

He could also have gotten Sonia Gandhi prosecuted for allegations of smuggling indian statues to Italy, selling insurance as a way of taking bribes when Rajiv Gandhi was primeminister.

But since he did not do that, only he knows the real truth, AND THE REASON WHY IT WAS NOT DONE?

What he did do is feel good factor, India Shining, wasting tax rupees to the tune of 6000 crore (60, Billion) for early election, and frankly I am surprised that he did not rename the information and broadcasting ministry as Propoganda Ministry.

But India is still the greatest democracy in the world, people may be poor, people may be hungry, but PEOPLE ARE NOT STUPID.

Instead of wasting thier energy, BJP / NDA should see the real reasons for their defeat, stop trying to blame on a scapegoat, accept that they have lost power, work with Hon. Manmohan Singh to serve the people of India as otherwise he is being manipulated by pseudosecularists, Communists, and likes of Laloo.

Faster they do these things the sooner people will change their opinion about them, if they continue the politics of harassment, frivolous attempts to delay proceedings in the parliament, frivolous attempts to bring down the government, and NOT focus on the business of Indian people, they will loose more seats come next election.


Negative comment by a defeatist:

Can this be proved now? Is it useful to time this accusation now? Will it result in proving the charge, or only be seen as 'false, baseless and accusation'? Can it be assumed that inability to disprove this charge is proof enough that the accusation is on firm ground?