Date: 7/31/2004


A religion is at the root of the terrorism that we witness across the world today. All Religions originate from a psychiatric paranoia, based on a misunderstanding of the unknown universe as a god. This paranoia becomes a threat to civilization when a religion insists that everyone should accept that, the way in which this religion misunderstands the unknown universe as a god, is the ONLY right way (to misunderstand the universe!).

Missionary religions are an infectious psychiatric paranoia and Violent Missionary religions are a criminally infectious psychiatric paranoia that threaten human civilization. While all religions are psychiatric paranoias, only Islam is a criminally infectious psychiatric paranoia.

With the Quran setting the principles for forcible conversion of all non-Muslims to Islam and using coercion of treating non-Muslims like 2nd class beings, the base is prepared for the Madaressahs (Islamic theological-terrorism schools) to inculcate these Quranic principles into the minds of every growing generation of Muslims to have this attitude of paranoid coercion. Further at every prayer (Ibadat/Namaz), the Muslim priest (Maulavi) preaches the practice of terror to his audience. This is how a terrorist is born. So the Quran, and what is preached in the Madaressahs and the Mosques are the real roots of terror. And until the world over, we do not eradicate these, the problem of terrorism will not end.

There will come a point when widespread Muslim terror attacks against the U.S. will no longer allow military actions as we have taken in Iraq and Afghanistan and will call for a re-appraisal of our military strategy. A re-appraisal as happened during World War 2 when the allies in 1939 began by bombarding Germany with pamphlets asking the Germans to make peace, to the bombing of Dresden to rubble in 1945. It took six years during the last World War to bring about this change. How long will it take now? And in what circumstances now do we reach that point? Here's the dilemma: to have any hope of victory over the Jihadis, we must use a terrible, overwhelming, and insidious force; yet, in using that force we risk losing popular support for the war effort.

Victory requires a devastation so complete as to disabuse the enemy of any and all notions of pride (in this case Arab and Muslim pride) and the futility of resisting us. This kind of psychological change is forced in the enemy only by visiting a defeat on him that is so horrendous and complete that his very existence is dependent upon your will. Think of the bombing of Tokyo, and the fire-storms that followed in 1945. Think of Dresden. It is said that bombs fell in Dresden until the only effect was to bounce the rubble. Think of Hiroshima (horrendous as it seems, but can we prevent it from coming to that sometime in this war?).

If you are familiar with U.S. history, consider the way we completely drove out the last Britisher (colonialist) from the newly independent United States in 1776, consider the sacking of Atlanta during our Civil War, and the psychological impact on Southerners of Sherman's March to the Sea. Unfortunately, these are the necessary atrocities of a successful military campaign.

This is what the history of war teaches: Without a complete and total annihilation of the enemy, he will never come to realize the folly of his ways... and he will rise to fight us again.

The point is when and under what circumstances will we be provoked to carry this war to a decisively successful conclusion. Last time it was Pearl Harbor, this time if it has not been 9/11, then will it be a nuke or dirty nuke attack on the West or the US mainland?