Date: 8/1/2004


Loot and raid in the context of Islam means attacking the KAFFIRS,for a moslem is not supposed to attack a fellow moslem.The arabic word for raid is ghazzua and it also implies killing and enslaving the Kaffirs.

This is the word from which is derived the very honourable term Ghazzi,meaning a warrior of Islam that has KILLED MANY KAFIRS. The loot taken from the kafir is legal for a moslem.The distribution of the loot or booty,which includes the men,women,children is done according too the well defined regulations described in the Koran and the hadiths.

The first fifth of the loot goes to the PROPHET,or the caliph and in their absence to the mullah who is charge.the rst of four fifths are shared by the rest of the fighters who took part in the raid and looting.

In pre islamic arabia, such raids were considered SHAMEFUL.However the PROPHET had explaine to his followers that since he was the last PROPHET for all time to come,such raids had now been sanctioned by allah.Thus the property looted and robbed from kaffir was now quite in order.

Murder is an important element in islam.murder of the kafir is of course sacrosanct and approved by the koran.murder of the priest of the kafirs faith is even more honorable.

In recent times moslem fanatics have murdered or attempted to murder many relgious men of OTHER FAITHS.Among the Hindus,the famous monk Swami sharaddananda Swami dayananda,Ram bholey of mathura have all been assassinated by fanatical moslems.

In 1947,attempts were made upon the life of Master Tara Singh. Dr Nanak Singh .a sikh leader from west punjab was slaugthered along with his whole family (and 5/6/7 year old daughters raped).

In recent times the Pope was the target of a moslem assassin.

Among themselves,the moslems also murder those who they see as not of their muslim opinion or strong enough muslims,like Mujiber rehman, Ziaur Rehamn, Liaqat Ali Khan,Anwar Sadat ,King Abduallh of Jordan and the very liberal PLO leader Sartawi.

Finally,not to mention the murder and martyrdom of the Sikh GURUS in India.The list is endless.

When a moslem commits murder of a non moslem,in the eyes of shariah law no crime has been committed.

In 1910,when Boutras Pasha was murdered by a moslem for no apparent reason,the cheif kazi of Eygpt pronouced judgement despite being over whelming evidence to contrary,that according to islam it is NO crime for a muslim to slay a kaffir.

Thus in the not too long past,we see a criminal butcher like Idi amin of Uganda was granted a safe haven in Saudi arabia., as it was felt he had not commited a crime , in the killing of non moslem tribals and asians.

there appears to another type of killing which appears to have the sanctions of the koran,and is practised by the followers of islam.Aurangzeb killed his father sisters,brothers poisoned his own son all for the throne really, BUT allah's hel was beseeched in eact of this acts.Also when an Iraqi kills an Iranian he is killing for islam,for in his eyes the iranian moslem is an infidel!!!!!!!See what value they place upon their own ?

Chopping off limbs,skinning someone alive Bhai Taru Singh ji, Bhai Mani Singh Ji,Banda Singh Bahadur and the 900 sikh women children and old men .......and thousands others(waheguru waheguru......on their lips.........and the SIKH AGENDA UK MODERATOR CALLS THIS NONSENSE) are all very much practised in most muslim countries,except where there has been pressure from abroad.

Still however critism of such barbaric acts by non moslem countries have been taken as interferenace in the internal affairs of the moslem countries.

The assasination of Kennady,the jewish atheletics in Munich, etc are common knowledge.It appears even to the most denying that terrorism and islam goes hand in hand.

This not what I am saying ..but facts that have happend.If writing real history is a crime and political incorrectness,then all those who write on these nets are beamer liars.

To these people,it is acceptable that they post the provocative langauage of the moslems here,their derogatory language is posted here for our sisters and mothers to read,but should one sikh stand up and say ...let us give a little of their own medicine through such liteterature,these self styled NET saviours of sikhi hide....and call others pathetic names; I suggest they shoud really stick such names on their own TURBANs and foreheads, and put on bangles.,so we the ordinary Sikhs where they stand exactly.......just for picture opportunities and dinner parties ,and hand shakes.