Date: 8/4/2004


MIGHT IS RIGHT when people outside your own family sit among you.

.........Intellectualism vanishes before JOOTA.

In 1947 the top brains of India sat at one table with Lord Louis Mountbatten.

A stern looking grim, impatient and angry BARRISTER AT LAW Mohammed Ali Jinnah pointed his finger at the emaciated lean figure of our BAPU, and said, "YOU, Mr. Gandhi, are also a BARRISTER AT LAW, quite smart in argument. I know your record from South Africa.

"I won't win against you. So I will EXPOSE the weapon that has worked for centuries. Peace be Upon Him who first used it.

"What is it BROTHER and FELLOW BARRISTER Jinnah? Say your mind out. BARRISTER AT LAW Jawaharlal Nehru is listening. As you know, there isn't a cleverer barrister on earth."

Mr. Jinnah contemptuously, "To Hell with all your LEGAL EXPERTISE and STUNNING arguments in favour of UNITY, AMITY and SECULARISM.

"I demand Partition and if YOU LOT do not agree within 24 hours, there will be HINDU blood flowing through the rivers across Hindustan, not only in NOAKHALI."

Pandit NEHRU looked shaken, "Reveren'd Bapu, he has EXPOSED the ultimate weapon, a combination of DAGGER, STICK AND GUN. The best would be to AGREE promptly, before he issues the Command, "SLAUGHTER!"

Gandhi lost his breath and fell unconscious. He could not muster memory or wits, leave aside guts, to call upon his warrior Rajputs, Gurkhas, Marathas, Sikhs and Tamils with the whisper, "CONFRONT THE DEVILS!" >

That is how the LEGAL and INTELLECTUAL argument was settled by the Mohammedans among us, who WON the 'War of Words' hands down, and one third of India's TERRITORY, too.

I am afraid while the Hindus of Pakistan have vanished and those in Bangladesh are vanquished, the MUSLIMS remain on our own side and in ever larger numbers. What they are all waiting for, WE ALL ought to know unless it is a nation of debating morons.