Date: 8/5/2004



Dear Members of this Enlightened Patriotic List,

There seems to be a misunderstanding about the nature, clout and capabilities of this Institute.

An Institute is NOT an organisation. Hindu Mahasabha, VHP, RSS, Bajrang Dal and BJP are organisations. They have Voice, Following, Manifesto, and Clout, ultimately GUN.

In normal world, scholars and thinkers at an Institute generate and provide IMPULSES to the organisations based on their own observation, study and research. Most of such scholars may never be known to general public.

It is then for the ORGANISATIONS to put those ideas and impulses into ACTION on ground. It is no secret that NOT ONE Hindu organisation has ever bothered to cotact this Institue for any suggestion, guidance or advice. HINDU organisations are 'tailor made' (geared) for leading their sheepish following straight into surrenders and defeats. They carry out sham struggles and fight bogus battles. In the end they all end up in dust. (Accepted Partition, defeat at elections and at Ayodhya and so on, ad infinitum). Hindu organistions are dull and duffer and totally lack INITIATIVE.

Sometimes organisations pick up impulses from individuals. Take for example the INSPIRATION to create PAKISTAN.

As we had the "father" of Akhand Bharat, the Muslims too, had the "father" of that State.

He was poet laureate MOHAMMED IQBAL, now much honoured across the Muslim world in South Asia.

At first all was well across Hindustan when he composed "SAARAY JAHAAN SAY ACHCHA, HINDUSTAN MAHAARA."

But as soon as he turned Islamic fanatic and composed poems like "Tez Gaam Chal!" (Rise and MARCH), all Hell let loose.

An ORGANISATION called All-India Muslim League took up the point and STRUCK with its long dagger deep into the soft body of Hindustan and we had PAKISTAN in one day. It is 'Day of Independence' in our own Hindu Jagat.

The question that the INSTITUTE will ask of each and every Hindu ORGANISATION is, "What instructions are you going to issue to your followers all over Bharat for that day of the worst ever DEFEAT and SURRENDER in entire Indian history?"

That is where the Institute stops, and the HINDU organisations take on the BATON to sprint AHEAD at fastest speed.

You are all invited to watch THEIR performance on August 15, just 10 days away.

There is one vital observation to make: Nations held down in slavery for centuries, tend to laugh at OWN institutions and wish them to go away or produce solutions to bring about Akhand Bharat in two days. At best they are perceived as an embarrassment for pointing out to the goals that lie BEYOND the wildest dreams of our BOLDEST and the BRAVEST. (Think of the entire Lok Sabha of Hindu "mice", sitting at the feet of an Italian born ex maid and "accepting" PARTITION wholeheartedly.

An Institute does not call a "jackal" a "lion". That is for the ORGANISATIONS to do.)

In India native girls are dying BY THE HUNDRED daily due to insults and ridicule being hurled at them because of dowry but the foreign Memsahib holds the key to EXECUTIVE power over all the Hindus.

To many she is invisible but the any HINDU Institute becomes highly visible sending shivers of incredulity down the spines.

Let us all look towards our ORGANISATIONS with regard to breaking the SLAVE'S COLLAR fixed round the nation's neck by Bandit Nehru. He personally had much to celebrate on August 15.

His bosom friend JINNAH, too benefited immensely at the cost of our Hindustan. But what have we, the ENSLAVED Hindus, to celebrate. 10 days from now?

Let us take our eyes off the INSTITUTE now, and START A DISCUSSION on this topic and look towards our Organisations.


..............("Tez gaam CHAL, O Hindu!")

....................August 5, 2004.