Date: 8/10/2004


...........15 AUGUST 1995- that came and went!

The 48th anniversary of India's bloody mutilation (PARTITION) and her Unconditional Surrender before indigenous MUSLIMS came and went.

In the Land of "Maya", Mother of Nation Sonia, and Mother of Universe, Teresa, both were conspicuously absent. So was Rahul the heir to Nehru Dynasty who is to be put up as a candidate in the next general election from Amethi to become Prime Minister straightaway.

Yesterday Seth Laxmi Mal Singhvi, India's high commissioner and Secular Servant of Dynasty, did NOT dare to enter a gurdwara in London nor could his President go near a mosque in Srinagar while on the safe "bhoomi" of "Farangi", a grand £3 million Swaminarayan temple was nearing completion to spread the weed of "Ahimsa Parmo Dharma” and "Nishkam Sewa" which brought death and destruction to the Land of Divine Swami himself- from Mathura to Ayodhya, Karachi to Chitral.

Singhvi, who should be called "Rat-vi” for founding "Guru Tegh Bahadur Foundation" and "Rajiv Gandhi Foundation" while sitting in the shadow of Italian born Sonia Khan in the same year in London, spoke like the "morally superior" Vedic Scholars of Somnath one minute before their beheading.

His Prime minister in Delhi declared, “Indian Muslims will keep their Sharia' Law while the Hindus will be under a separate Common (sic) Penal Code."

VIPs landed at an airport that bears the name of an arrogant political WITCH assassinated by her own subjects registering a protest over her BLOODY politics, and none mentioned the BOFORS commission of the notorious rogue (Rajiv alias Roberto) who degraded every Indian's daughter and slapped every Hindu in the face, by preferring an Italian Catholic!

The whole of India was held to ransom by a small group of "Mujahideen" in South Kashmir and the blood of an innocent Norwegian tourist (Hans Christian Ostro), in the prime of his youth at 27, splashed across the face of India's President who has not dared to move his "Bhawan & Bum” to Srinagar where his presence is most needed at this time, but delivered a very boring morally superior speech condemning Pakistan instead of congratulating her for the COMMITMENT, ABILITY and CAPABILITY to keep North Kashmir in Pakistan as well rock and destabilise our South Kashmir!

Moron Messrs. Sharma (President), Rao (PM) and Rat-vi (LM Singhvi) do not recall that Pakistan is the homeland of Indian Muslims! Similarly, we are quite used to our leaders blaming the British for taking away Koh-i-Noor and plundering India!

Our list of great martyrs ends with Shaheed Bhagat Singh. We must wait for the "Golden Age" (“Ram Rajya") when Nathu Ram Godse, Nana Apte, Satwant Singh, Beant Singh and the Tamil "goddess" who despatched Gandhi No.3 to HELL, will replace the old list.

Glowing tributes were paid to a Constitution ("Vidhan") which is worth dust in Lahore and Chittagong, and waiting to be burnt in Delhi. Written by a "Bhangi", it neither mentions "Akhand Bharat" nor re-unification. The "Bhangi” who wrote it had NO clue to God's Law that says, "THOSE WHO CANNOT CLAIM LAHORE, CANNOT RETAIN DELHI!"

The Prime Minister spoke from behind a bullet proof screen. He did not mention how Germany and Vietnam united, how Russia is tackling her breakaway Islamic republic of Chechnya, nor how Croatia has re-taken the breakaway republic of Krajina! But he did mention the great courage of "Bapu" MK Gandhi, who was "despatched" for COWARDICE soon after Partition, while ignoring Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose who had united the Indians as never before and never since!

As the day ended, the Hindu was left envying the freedom of broadcasting in England and 'dual nationality' and sovereignty of East Bengal, seemed ready for another disaster while all the Indians seemed to be mental morons and gutless "beggars".

To add insult to the injury, ZEE TV showed the flaming outline of a very disgusting map with chunks of territory torn out and a huge gaping hole above the Bay of Bengal (BOGUSdesh).

Was that the India Rat-vi, Sharma, Rao, Advani, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Rajju Bhayya were born in?

How far has the Hindu come in half a century since 1947? One said, "If our India was to unite, the Muslim MINORITY will become so strong that they will eat us all up- raw!"

Shame on me as an Indian if my mother is a “goat”, my God is money, my religion is cowardice, my Motherland is BROKEN (Bharat), my "Rashtramata" is an Italian ex maid, my Destiny rests with an Indo-Italian crossbreed, and my Master is a Musalman who can keep Lahore and advance on Srinagar .

I went to bed with a prayer for LM RAT-VI. It said, “Lucky Rat-vi, YOU are not the father of Hans Christian Ostro who died in Kashmir which should have been full of tourists.

YOU are not the Sikh widow who saw her husband brutally murdered before her eyes in Delhi in November 1984.

YOU are not the Indian in Uganda and Fiji. YOU are not Khushwant Singh who had to take refuge in Swedish embassy in Delhi (Nov 1984).

YOU are not a Hindu in Srinagar. And finally. YOU are not the "Jawan" who can die in Kashmir but cannot buy any property there!

Lucky Rat-vi, ONE BILLION HINDUS, with only thirteen exceptions, ENVY YOU. May you die in harness like Bandit Nehru.

..................00000=16 August 1995=00000