Date: 8/12/2004



In 1955 Pandit Nehru, then the bosom friend of Mr. Chou En Lai of China (those were the days of “Hindi Chini Bhai Bhai”), disregarding the chaos and corruption at home, and regarding himself a world leader, got together with the heads of China, Egypt and Indonesia, etc., to set up the Non-aligned Bloc as a counterweight between the Soviet Union and the West.

It was like a beggar imagining that he was a king. Pandit Nehru could act the autocratic Imperial Lord at home and make his subjects touch his feet, but when it came to London, Washington, Beijing and Moscow, he was regarded an “Indian coolie” by all of them. Countries talk through the BARREL OF GUN (as the USA is talking in Afghanistan, Iraq, Pakistan and Libya, WITH NEHRU’S INDIA LISTENING & WATCHING, BUT UNABLE TO MOVE INTO NORTH KASHMIR), Nehru talked through the confused mouth of “Bapu” Gandhi.

In retrospect we can see that Nehru’s India, suspended in the middle, trying to be friend of all, was in fact friend of nobody. Both Power Blocs (Capitalist and Communist) did not trust Nehru and deliberately kept Kashmir on the BURNER to bleed India to death.

The leaders of these Asian nations chose Bandung in Indonesia as the venue. Pandit Nehru was delighted at the status the other three stalwarts, Heads of China, Indonesia and Egypt, among others, conceded him as the leader of the largest democracy on earth.

At the end of the Conference, a grand Declaration came out, known as the BANDUNG DECLARATION.

According to it FIVE cardinal principles were to guide the world from then onwards. These principles were called PANCH SHEEL and were given widest publicity in those days by the Indian media under Nehru’s terror and control.

The first cardinal principle was ‘non interference in each other’s affairs’. This enabled his friends in Pakistan to keep North Kashmir and to deal with the Hindus as they pleased, and enabled China some years later to keep Aksai Chin and parts of NEFA. As in 1947, so in 1955, our Pandit (and our India) was the loser. But like the BOFORS CHOR, Nehru, too, is now BEYOND TRIAL.

The writer, inspired by that PANCH SHEEL, composed the following two years later (in 1957):


For history's most humiliating UNCONDITIONAL surrender, i.e., the "Partition” of India, one cannot hold an average Hindu responsible since the diabolical deed was mutually agreed upon by a handful of despicable traitors and cowards whom we regarded as our leaders in 1947.

"TRUTH IS BITTER", and that Truth is about to EXPLODE on our heads violently since it cannot be suppressed any more. Here is how one Hindu saw it in those days:- (NB: Sorry for the “strong” language but I wish to reproduce it as it was originally written on the 10th anniversary of Partition, i.e., in 1957, when deep wounds in the body of our nation were still fresh.)

"I saw my fellow countrymen (the MAJORITY COMMUNITY!) run like rabbits, disgracing themselves and their offspring till eternity. Placing their faith in M.K. Gandhi, who turned out to be a secret admirer of Mohammed and Musalman, and the treacherous Pandit (Nehru), in whose House Hinduism was to end, they pi . . . . . on Gita and Granth, ignored the deeds of Shivaji, Guru Gobind Singh and Netaji, forgot their superior numbers and dumped their principles and country at once.

This is what really happened in 1947, the year of our so-called "independence":

In that year Indian leaders like the "Mahatma", the "Pundit" and the "Sardar", all fell prostrate in dust, and offered to meet EVERY demand the Muslim JINN was to dictate, in toto; and agreed to implement the same immediately! Those demands are now called the "Original Panchsheel". They were-

1. "We shall cut off the chunks of territory where we happen to be 51% or more. In area it will be more than France, Spain, Denmark, Belgium, Holland and Switzerland, all put together. From KHYBER the frontier will come down to AMRITSAR so that we could get DELHI any time you squeak in protest when your eyes open."

"WE ACCEPT. SPARE US!" was the chorus of the Hindu leaders under Tricolour flags throughout India.

2. “We shall beat the Hell out of minorities, abuse and intimidate them and keep them scared to death in OUR parts. We shall drive out millions of you infidels, and shall do so in the middle of the 20th century with the whole world looking on."

"WE ACCEPT. SPARE US!" was the chorus of the Hindu leaders under Tricolour flags throughout India.

3. "We shall stay put in the rest of India, too, and dare you to touch us. You will give amnesty to all our friends in YOUR parts who are now shouting "Pakistan-Zindabad!" at the top of their voices. You will NOT charge them of "High Treason", nor condemn your own Mahatmas, Pandits, Sarvapallis, Swamis and Sardars who are willingly signing off all that territory in our favour. Instead, you will install their statues in town centres and call one "Father of Nation”, the other, "Uncle of the World", and his daughter "Indira is INDIA", and name every road, garden, park, club, canal, tournament, school, museum, hospital, library, airport, circus, celebration and festival after one or the other of them. You will frame a Constitution which will ensure our safety and well-being in your Bharat, although we, in our Pakistan, will base our Constitution on our Holy Book, written in Arabic, to classify YOU, filthy lot, suitably. We will divide the citizens into "believers" and "non believers" in order to deal with the latter on a separate footing which you will see. We will go "Islamic" but you will renounce your own native religions and go "Secular". You dare copy us! We will have Ideology and you will have Vacuum."

"WE ACCEPT. SPARE US!"-was the chorus of the Hindu leaders under Tricolour flags throughout India.

4. "You will form your foreign policy not to squeak a word against our global interests. Thus you will cry out, protest and weep openly on the Partition of Palestine and confer your highest awards on Yasser Arafat, admiring him immensely, but will NOT utter a single word against the dismemberment of your own country, nor about the fate of the tens of millions of your fellow countrymen chased out of West Pakistan and East-Pakistan, orphaned, widowed, raped and maimed."

"WE ACCEPT. SPARE US!" was the chorus of the Hindu leaders under Tricolour flags throughout India.

5. "We shall send our shepherds and goatherds to occupy the entire North Kashmir, and you will stay put where they "cease fire". As a concession you may call them "wild tribesmen" which can hurt nobody."

"WE ACCEPT. SPARE US!" was the chorus of the Hindu leaders under the Tricolour flags throughout India, deafeningly loud- many who had held their breath, now started breathing again realizing that the "PANCHSHEEL" had come to an end!

(Every Hindu, nay every INDIAN, should REFUSE to accept that bogus "Partition".)

.....................August 12, 2004.