Date: 8/15/2004


Attributes of MK Gandhi, the Father of Hindu Nation (Hindusthan)

One ought to read the following objectively. One has to remove countless layers of conditioning, and overcome a lot of brainwashing for this.


Gandhi, the Hindu Charmer

Gandhi, the Defeatist.

Gandhi, the Secret Curse of Hindustan

Gandhi, the “Defender & Protector” of “Akhand Bharat”

Gandhi, the Secret Agent of Britain & Islam

Gandhi, the Confused Hindu and Gutless Patriot.

Gandhi, the NEGATIVE Role Model

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“When we talk about Gandhi I think we forget what he did, how he arose a sleeping nation and make it a fighting force against British. The most important role of Gandhi for this nation is not fighting for independence, but making this nation rise and understand what it stands for. Bringing the sense of confidence and pride in the nationality what is called India (he is truly father of modern India). Forming a string of leaders who can take India forward and wipe out the sense of deprivation.”


Very sorry but this is all bullsh**.

Gandhi did not strengthen the nation. He made it WEAK. He did not wake it. It is still sleeping. In its DREAM there is the Queen from Italy. "Fighting force against the British?" you mean Netaji Bose!

Father of modern India? How modern is India beyond 5 km of a big city? How many families are on Internet as compared to South Korea and Singapore, even Japan?

How modern was he (the “mouse” called a “man”) himself if he lived in a prehistoric hut, wore just a loin cloth, drank goat’s milk for courage and nourishment, and possessed only a pair of glasses and a walking stick?

The Muslims strongly emulate Mohammed, the Jehadi. The Sikhs emulate their Tenth Guru for five symbols. Who would wish to emulate Gandhi in dress & diet code, and guts to take on the enemy? Who would voluntarily shift to a hut in Bhangi Colony? What a rotten leader who none on earth will emulate or relate to!

His economic standard of a “bhangi” must say it all. Compare Gandhi's impoverished way of life to the economic standard of the real leaders who ruled (Mountbatten of British Imperialism) and those who were about to inflict a crushing defeat on Gandhi and create a new country (Pakistan) on Gandhi’s territory (Jinnah of All-India Muslim League).

Gandhi urged his following to spin cotton for cloth to cover their bodies and to walk beside a donkey, shunning the use of car and train. In his teachings and sermons, there is no word like “Go!”

He won us Independence? NO. Not at all. He did not chase out the British who could have kept him behind bars for another 30 years like Mandela or simply KILLED him like Steve Biko.

The British left due to after effects of World War 2 (demobilisation of quarter of million soldiers) and the Impact of WARRIOR Netaji Bose on the nation. They left because of changed climate with regard to colonialism after World War 2. And they left because of signs of ARMED revolution such as the naval mutiny in (then) Bombay.

The name “Gandhi” has held India hostage to its defeatist fate. It has paralysed the State apparatus in Kashmir. It is like anaesthesia where the patient cannot feel the amputation or bleeding. India has been CONSTANTLY bleeding in Kashmir. News of killings by Muslim terrorists comes in practically on daily basis in one ear and goes out of the other. Gandhian India has NO resolve in its body and brain to RETALIATE. Cowardly and sheepish Gandhian Hindus shiver in their souls, WATCHING the manly American retaliation in Afghanistan and Iraq. Gandhian India has only produced one-way marriages between Khans and Hindu females, to the advantage of Islam by increasing its numbers. Gandhian Hindu nation is paralysed & “frozen” at the gates of AYODHYA. He never managed to muster guts to utter the word “Advance!”

His name has been MISUSED treacherously, dishonestly and criminally by all the Unworthy like FEROZE, the runaway seducer of headstrong Indira Nehru. Overnight that KHAN became a Gandhi on the advice of none else but MK Gandhi himself, to fool the entire nation where till today NONE dares to question. Rajiv KHAN (turned upside down into a GANDHI), the son of the nondescript Sunni MUSLIM liquor dealer of Allahabad, degraded all native females by importing a worthless semi literate ex maid from Italy who is committed to replacing native by Italian. Under the surname of "Gandhi" he proved his pedigree by becoming a BOFORS CHOR. That "fu***ng" Gandhi (who became ROBERTO after converting to Christianity by kissing the foot of Sonia Maino) is still BEYOND LAW. When will the court case against him come to an end?


Accepting unconditional surrender of Partition then, and handing over India of Sri Ram and Sri Krishna to a COMMITTED CATHOLIC and Hindu-hater Sonia KHAN now, is the logical result of Gandhian collapse of Spirit and zero patriotism.

To MK Gandhi, Guru Gobind Singh was a misguided patriot but Tipu Sultan a great national hero, entitled, like Emperor Akbar, to the hand of every Rajput princess in land.

Today his kind of Secularism is extinct in Lahore, hence MUCK in Delhi.

Today his kind of India does not even have North Kashmir on the map- not that it would have bothered the “father of our defeated and demoralised nation” being led by the likes of Laloo Prashad, Rarbi Devi and Mulayam Singh Yadav- all Gandhian crooks, and beyond law.

MK Gandhi could not DETER Jinnah from carrying out his THREAT of Partition or Civil War but saw the surrender of even North Kashmir.

He was a hoax and a mass murderer. As mentioned in an earlier post, he kept reassuring the Hindus of Western India to STAY PUT since India was to be "cut on his dead body." But when he collapsed, India BLED, frontiers shifted violently and Kashmir was invaded. The State is still paying the price of a Gandhi who held her destiny in his trembling hands for a couple of seconds of history.

In the event, it was gallant Son of Bharat Nathu Ram (GODSENT) who made him a dead body. Millions were uprooted and nearly TWO MILLION killed while some brainwashed ignorant fools and mental coolies still put this WINDBAG “Gandhi” above the Rest of mankind.

MK Gandhi had secret hatred for his defeated and enslaved coolie nation and he made no secret of the fact that he wished it to PERISH. Hence he kept silent when asked to say Yes or No to Partition. Hence he condemned Hindu RETALIATION to Islamic bestiality in NOAKHALI and WEST PUNJAB while making sure that not one Muslim was displaced in his Bharat. In his sheep paddock he was a great protector of wolves and tigers. In Calcutta and Delhi he went on “fast unto death” to restrain the Hindus. He did NOT show up in Karachi, Multan, Quetta or Peshawar, to restrain the Mohammedans. He is not around to be interrogated, “If you clung to the Muslims in Broken Bharat, then what was that Partition about?” Gandhi, the barrister-at-law from London, the “clever goat” knew fully well the implications of the new ISLAMIC State, the total EXTERMINATION of the Hindus throughout Western and Eastern India. What active step did he take to PREVENT it apart from chanting “Ishwar Allah Tero Naam”?

In his footsteps, our current President ABDUL KALAM does not see Hindus bleeding in South Kashmir but dashed off promptly to Gujerat to chide the Hindus for their reaction and response to Islamic bestiality at Godra.

Gandhi and Nehru did the bidding of his Imperial Masters. Subhash Bose did not.

In the hour of peril, who did India need? Subhash Bose or Funk Gandhi? Please DO NOT INSULT the sacred memory of those KILLED due to Gandhi's spiritual and moral DEATH on August 15, 1947, the day he had to YELL at the top of his voice, "I have FAILED you. Hang me if you wish." Like the gallant Captain of the ship sinking, Gandhi had to take his own life, and not leave it to Godse or anyone else. His ship, too, was torpedoed, and SANK in deep waters on August 15, 1947. Like the Titanic it broke up, went down under with over two million “drowned”.

Since fate and destiny inflicted Gandhi upon us, INDIA perished.

Gandhi was still alive and in a position to lay down AT LEAST one condition for accepting history's WORST EVER SURRENDER AND DEFEAT of his country. What condition did he suggest, or IMPOSE, on the Father of Pakistan, Mohammed Ali JINN? Does anyone know?

I think the readers are not like CONDITIONED "DOGS" to call the dark night a bright day.

Thank you for trying to polish and “GILD” the obsolete and discarded Gandhi. Sonia Khan and Abdul Kalam with core spiritual loyalties ABROAD, are on top of every Indian in India due to MK GANDHI while a Hindu in Hindusthan dare not approach the site of his Lord's Temple in Ayodhya, and also finds his entry BANNED in Mecca even as a harmless Islam-loving Hindu tourist, crawling upon his fours.