Date: 8/15/2004


The Games have began once more and India is a laughing stock in front of the whole world once more. The shameless swine are not even aware of it.

A nation of 1 Billion people struggles to produce a single gold medalist. We are chaff compared to other nations.

Let me address this question based on the following theory:

A race which excels in sports also carries itself well in war. Sports are the highest test of a man's character,endurance and genius.

The greatest sporting nations are also the strongest in battle. This is a fact. It is beautiful to watch a sportsman in action and see the rippling of his muscles as he leaves his competitors far behind.

Nature is fundamentally aristocratic and has no place for weaklings or the useless, which is why, all that we see in the natural world is beautiful and strong.

This true in the animal as well as plant world.

Instead of giving serious thought to this, the retarded leaders of our nation have given top priority to turning out a lot of our youth into erudite apes. What we have in India is 700-800 million scum who are undernourished, myopic or diabetic, but can sit in front of a computer.

Who gives a damn to the million scum bags who graduate out of our engineering colleges every year. None of them can move a muscle. All of them spend a great deal of their lives in front of computer monitors tapping away thinking they are achieving something great.

If an invader comes knocking on our doors tomorrow the whole nation will implode in like flash bulb.

Nobody in the world can respect a nation which does not produce world champions in athletics and sports.


Let us not delude ourselves with pity ethics and for once be utterly harsh with our selves.

I propose the following:

1) We need to institute a national health program which is based on the strictest eugenic measures and dietics. This idiotic practice of vegetarianism needs to go out of the window and all kinds of high protein-meat including beef should be consumed and channeled into muscle.

2) If a baby, whether boy or girl is born unsound then it needs to be immediately euthanized. (Instead the scum bags in North India are aborting female foetuses and damaging the sex ratio ->As a result we have a surplus of rapists running loose in our country.)

3)Crimnals are to be eliminated from our society. We do not want to spend on jails and correction centres.

If a person is convicted of a even a petty crime like theft he needs to be given the death sentence immediately and executed. We cannot afford to have such a defective person in our midst. That holds true for all politicians convicted of corruption also.

4)If a person develops a un-recoverable physical disability or mental impairment during his life time then he needs to be finished off with lethal injection. (euthanized.)

We cannot afford to spend money on mental asylums.

We cannot afford to have the sick and feeble in our midst.

5) All old people over the age of 75 should be euthanized. We cannot afford an older population who are a burden in our overpopulated society.

If, in this way we eliminate 500-600 million scum in our over- populated nation the final result may be even a dramatic increase in the strength of our population because what will remain will be strong ,youthful, healthy and rearing to go.

6)We need to setup 10 Olympic Centres all over the nation which will take sound and healthy babies in the hundreds and rear them up on a very rich diet and strict regime of practice in various sports from a very young age.

These centres should have 10 times the prestige IITs enjoy today. Parents can visit their children from time to time to see them. For a period of 25-30 years an elligible candidate is thus trained like a thorough bred horse with a single goal-> to win a medal at the olympics in his respective discipline.

The tax payer's money and companies will finance these centres.

All sports should be covered including gymnastics and winter sports.

The athletes should be made to train in their respective disciplines 12 hours everyday without break.

If the above measures are employed rightaway, I can guarantee that we will evolve into a stronger,healthier and higher society and then each one of you will see that at the olympics we will have fifty to sixty Gold medals to show.

That is how nature works and we should strive to emulate her.