Date: 8/15/2004


Please take it or leave it. But there is something very sinister in it.

It is the unity of purpose between the UK and the USA with regard to our innocent and simple Hindu politicians.

We have taken six decades to discover a vital connection between two dates within two years of each other.

The United States of America inflicted a crushing defeat on Japan on 15th of August 1945. It was the day the USA established their supremacy over Asia's MOST POWERFUL MILITARY nation, Japan, after defeating the Japanese Imperial Armed Forces who had CONQUERED Eastern Asia from Burma to Manchuria.

Two years later, their first cousins, the Anglo Saxons, were considering the date of leaving India finally. It had to be a historic date, not just any taken out of a hat.

Admiral of the Royal Navy, then Viceroy of India, Lord Louis Mountbatten, consulted Prime minister Clement Attlee on the date.

"Of course, my dear chap, the 15th of August this year, next year or any year, will be the most appropriate DATE to inflict a crushing defeat on our largest colony on earth, India.

"Make them surrender vast territories unconditionally, too. And you will pull off a real hat trick if they send you off in tears with bands playing and the Royal Salute, and later call it Independence."

Thus on ONE day both Japan and India suffered their WORST ever defeats and surrenders of history. The only difference is that the proud, patriotic and HONOURABLE Japanese commemorate 15th of August in a solemn manner, remembering their DEAD, while our India celebrates her most horrendous defeat, and surrender of vast territories, with music, dance and distribution of sweets, crediting Nehru with victory and Gandhi with Independence. The DEAD are on NOBODY'S mind.

Surprising we never understood the word UNITED in both USA and UK. Our Partitioned India urgently needs an Institute of Strategic Studies that is independent of Dynasty, Congress and Italy.