Date: 8/15/2004



Gandhi did lot of mistakes during the partition period.


Nice to hear this from a Gandhi admirer.

He was the TOP leader at the time.

When a young 16 year old went to army, he heard his sergeant bark at him, "IF YOU MAKE JUST ONE MISTAKE, YOU WILL BE DEAD. Now remember it as long as you remain a soldier."

Why on earth should this not apply to Gandhi, if he committed BLUNDER AFTER BLUNDER and still remains entitled to statues all over, though NOT in his West Punjab and East Bengal?

Alas the DEAD of 1947 cannot come back to get the throat of Gandhi and inflict punishment on him for EACH AND EVERY mistake he committed.

He was a leader who ought to have earned the title of "DAMN FOOL" or simply a "GOAT".

Regards to your tolerance of ANOTHER view on Gandhi. Please remember, Violence is exactly equal and opposite to Non-violence.

In that contest of POWER ("shakti") Jinnah was victorious while Gandhi was most easily floored in DEFEAT and covered in DISGRACE (till eternity).

Now please consider this: The Son of God said just two minutes before his crucifixion, "I apologise".

Or the great (genuine) MAHATMA, Guru Tegh Bahadur, having led the congregations in prayers all his life, said just ONE SECOND before the sword fell, "I embrace Islam". I believe people like your goodself will still call one "Son of God" and the other, "Guru"