Date: 8/15/2004


Many former residents of PATIALA do recall the removal of statue of king Edward VIII on that small island in the middle of Rajendra Lake, Patiala, and its replacement by most unimpressive statue of the emaciated "Father of Nation" MK Gandhi.

Gandhi was a mass murderer in the sense that hundreds of local LEADERS of Sikhs across West Punjab repeatedly and desperately called upon him to declare his final stand on Partition. They wanted to know if the Bapu would stand firm or collapse.

In the latter case they would FLEE as fast as they could after disposing off their belongings to bring their families to safety of EAST Punjab.

The TREACHEROUS "Father of HINDU nation" kept on assuring them solemnly, "Stay put where you are. India will only be cut upon my dead body."

In the event those who trusted the Hindu stalwart, PERISHED. That story will need a volume to write. In fact our cowardly leaders had enough time in these SIX DECADES to write up the individual fate of each and every Sikh fleeing West Punjab. They too have FAILED like Gandhi earlier. They have proven as USELESS. They could simply look at the Jews who have compiled volumes on the people who were killed during World War 2.

These Sikh LEADERS are now lambs like Gandhi and even their "Roop" is DECEPTIVE and the word SINGH in their names is even more deceptive,

Did we have to live to see this day when the HINDU WORLD collapsed, surrendering five provinces to Islam on one day in 1947, and now has given the "Rest of BROKEN BHARAT" to Sonia Khan who in turn hands the "hot potato" to Manmohan Singh fearing her own safety from a Rajput's sword.

Cowardly Rajput, too, is wearing glass bangles. The Marathas were the FIRST to see to that MK Gandhi whose statue in Patiala invites RIDICULE by helpless Sikhs, they were followed by TWO BRAVE SIKHS at Halloween, 1984, and finally the brave Tamil young mother rose on May 21, 1991 to redeem the (what little was left of the) honour of our nation.

How is it that while we have our own great HEROES who are and were respected by the world and yet we put statues of COWARDS, FUNKS AND TRAITORS on our own DHARTI, that is now REDUCED to one fragment of East Punjab?