Date: 8/16/2004


The TITLE of a recent posting by a Hindu scholar on Internet was "THE ULTIMATE INDEPENDENCE". (SEE BELOW COMMENT).


In that context one sees Maharashtra, umpteen times BIGGER than sovereign East Timur, or landlocked Austria, as a SOVEREIGN HINDU STATE with full representation as PERMANENT member at the Security Council. Our Maharashtra is bigger than the UK in every respect except SELF-ESTEEM.

I have the same vision for Tamil Nadu that is umpteen times bigger than BELGIUM or BOLIVIA, both sovereign and enjoying ULTIMATE independence, and having seats at UNO, beside sovereign and truly INDEPENDENT East Bengal (Our "smashed and treacherous" Rashtrapati, Jenab Abdul Kalam calls it "Bangladesh").

At NO PRICE will the OTHERS sacrifice their "ultimate independence" while we have not even thought of semi autonomy that the States of Virginia, Hawaii and California ENJOY in the United States.

Honestly I find it LOATHSOME to see brave RAJPUTS of Rajasthan, too, (wearing GLASS BANGLES) taking orders from a useless anti national semi literate ITALIAN Import by BOFORS CHOR and one ABDUL KALAM who does not wish PARTITION to be undone.

Anyone could improve on that?

Among MOST Hindus, due to logical evolution OVER LONG CENTURIES as IDEAL SLAVES, there is a strong tendency for the Hindus to dream of the NEXT WORLD and for the Sikhs to do "nishkam sewa" and clobber each other over visible symbols.

LET US CUT IT OUT and see the challenges right on top. We are ALL under the FOOT of Italy and Islam.


In a message dated 16/08/2004 08:46:18 GMT Daylight Time, .......................writes:

There is no freewill in animal forms of life but after evolving through 84,000,00 species of life, one gets human form and is given limited independence. Such independence is like the rope that binds a cow. The cow has the independence to move how it likes within the limit of its rope. But if it misuses its limited independence by encircling the tree to which it is tied, the freedom of movement becomes less and less. Hence misusing this independence in human form of life means losing the independence by going back to lower species. While most of the Vedic literatures deal with how to unwind the rope from around the tree, Lord Krishna's ultimate instruction to all of us is to not be satisfied with the limitations of the untangled rope. Rather we should search for true and complete freedom, which is attained by cutting the rope. Therefore He advises in Bhagavad-gita 15.34:

One must cut down this rope with the weapon of detachment. So doing, one must seek that place from which, having once gone, one never returns to this material world.