Date: 8/16/2004


New Delhi, Aug 15 (IANS) Prime Minister Manmohan Singh Sunday commended the contribution of non-resident Indians (NRIs) to their motherland, saying it was they who showed that Indians can be "as good as the best in the world".


Thank you Mr Manmohan Singh, for your good words for NRI's.

Please make sure that we NEVER get dual nationality.

Also please make sure that Article 370 is NEVER repealed.

We do take interest in India's INTERNAL affairs since "Our dignity abroad depends on our dignity AT HOME."

To prove the point, when the Hindus could be done in South Kashmir like duck shoot, Col Rabuka in Fiji and Idi Amin in Uganda acted accordingly.

Congratulations, too, for perfect Secularism. The proof of it is

President MUSLIM


visible executive chief SIKH

The moment a committed Hindu jumps up to take one of these chairs, India will be in great danger due to Hindu FUNDAMENTALISM.

Our Bharat is on course on Secularism. The only problem with that is that EAST Bengal won't lick it and it is also ZERO in our Lahore. (Abdul Kalam and Sonia Khan both have surrendered the city. WE HAVE NOT. What about you, Sir?)

And, O yes, Sir, you are doing fine just like Nehru who was looking at Edwina Mountbatten with big eyes.

Just four questions: (We don't know if anyone else has asked these.)

1. Rajiv Gandhi's man, LM SINGHVI, your high commissioner to London, established "Rajiv Gandhi Foundation" and "Guru Tegh Bahadur Foundation" in London at about the same time. We understand that the FORMER was to facilitate transfer of funds from Bharat to London and then on to ITALY. But what happened to the funds that Several Simple Sikhs and "NISHKAM SEWAKS" donated to the LATTER?

2. WHEN will you show up in AYODHYA to lay a brick on the foundation wall, or go to SRINAGAR by bus, taking the Hindu refugees along with you?

3. Will your JAWANS, now dying hopelessly for the last five DECADES in defensive actions and ambushes this side of the cease fire line only, be allowed to cross the cfl to ATTACK the enemy basis, or AGAIN stay this side only and get busy cremating their dead?

4. Could you also look at the grave and disgusting IMBALANCE between the political status of East Bengal and East Punjab. Under what kind of blood curdling TERROR is this huge disparity continuing? Why "Amrit" to enemy but poison to your own son? We brave NRI's demand to know.