Date: 8/16/2004


astute observation by a PATRIOT

I am afraid we are an independent nation. Moreover, there is nothing to celebrate for that fateful day. How can we celebrate on bloodbath of millions of our hindu-sikh forfathers? Does our convictions allow that? It was a partial liberation day.

A portion of Bharat liberated and started ruling by still British in mind leaders. Still a huge section of Bharatiya, hindus particularly are mentally non-independent, they still salutes the people who are responsible for the holocoust, they still construct statues, they built monuments to immortalise them, they are responsible for still being slave under an Italian woman and her decendents.

Hindu repression continuing under state-sponsored machineries including courts of all levels. Hindus are becoming minorities in various parts of Bharat, giving ways for further fragmentation. States after states are going under muslim-christian rule. Today a nation of hindus ruled by muslims-christians and 85% hindus/bharatiya religion people are silent observer. Those who question this very fundamental issue, as persecuted by state-sponsored courts, including Supreme Court (examples are many, just look at Gujrat..). Hindu voices are silencing through systematic repression tactics.

When will Hindus arise? Are hindus destined to be persecuted and work as slaves? Does hindus lost all self-respect? Future of Bharat is bleak, a black cloud engulfed the nation again.

Is there a way out?