Date: 8/16/2004




Dear BBC,

Our comment refers to tonight's NEWSNIGHT programme on BBC 2 TV at 2230 hrs. (August 16, 2004)

One cannot imagine which way our free and secular world is lurching. The announcement that Canada is even considering Sharia Law for her newly arrived Muslim citizens, is shocking and deplorable. They have 'newly arrived' after setting "fire" to, and shedding a lot of blood in, their own ISLAMIC world that has only dictators or generals, the essential prerequisite to enforce SHARIA on the illiterate men, and on all the women.

Muslims, by and large, are vocal, volatile, easily excitable, violent and an agitating disruptive nuisance in EVERY non Muslim society which lacks generals like Pervez Musharraf and dictators like Saddam Hussein to keep them under check. In free Western societies, lacking whip and gun, they easily fly off unnoticed and soon start dropping sh** on everyone's head.

Under some fear or terror, Canada is appeasing and pandering to ISLAM.

It is time to give the call to the soft, gentle and apparently weak, disunited and ineffective secular forces, "UNITE and NIP THE EVIL IN THE BUD."

Islam was lucky in the 7th century AD to overwhelm free societies ONE BY ONE, piecemeal. Within a century we saw them overwhelm and wipe out civilisations from Morocco to Indonesia. The last to vanish under SHARIA LAW were the tall and totally harmless two Buddha statues in Bamyan, Afghanistan.

The wretched Hindus in India used to pay repressive JEZIA TAX under Sharia Law when the Moguls (euphemism for TALIBAN) ruled their country for several centuries. They, too, find the very word Sharia abhorrent.

In the middle of the last century they took advantage of British departure (1947) to inflict a crushing defeat on India to take out ONE THIRD of her territory. But Hitler had NO such luck when the world UNITED and confronted him head on.

It is time to do likewise to SHARIA LAW wherever it raises its head, if the free world and its civilisation wish to survive.

Such news are very unnerving and even frightening for the victims of "Sword of Islam" who came to Britain for peace at last, who respect the "way of life" of host societies, who "do in Rome what the Romans do," who do not wish to have separate penal codes and the likes of DETESTABLE sharia (MOHAMMEDAN) laws, who are not separatists to the bone marrow.

Sharia Law is eminently suitable for ISLAMIC republics, not for any Western democracy.

British public ought to be informed of the way Canada is SINKING while Australia is standing FIRM.

In tonight's programme, the main proponent of Sharia Law in Canada was a treacherous INDIAN Muslim, Syed Mumtaz Ali, whose co-religionists set fire to their peaceful land of birth on the eve of departure of the British in 1947.

They acquired the ISLAMIC republic of Pakistan to IMPOSE Sharia Law upon the people. But soon the very people like him, FLED their Islam and Sharia Law in Pakistan and have landed in Canada to dirty the fresh and clear spiritual waters of Canada.

If asked to return to their ISLAMIC PARADISE, not one will be prepared to go, yet they are now planning and scheming (bullying and coercing their women into it as well) to ignite the Islamic "fires" of controversy in peaceful unwary Canada.

By the yardstick of PATRIOTISM of the Italians, the people of INDIA, where Syed Mumtaz Ali was born, would hang him from the nearest tree like MUSSOLINI.

Sharia Law is the first step to eventual CIVIL WAR in Canada between enlightened Secular and dark MOHAMMEDAN forces. This warning comes from a VICTIM of ISLAM. The news that ISLAM is the fastest growing religion in Canada shows that Christianity is the fastest VANISHING religion there, too. At present it is Christianity that is underpinning secularism AND PEACE in Europe and America, not ISLAM whose glory in bloodletting we can see in Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.

We thought these Muslim REFUGEES came to learn the civilised way of life by gently submitting to the Will of Majority. But it appears that they have landed in a power VACUUM where it is they who are TEACHING Islam to the Infidels, Kaffirs and the Canadians.

Such a move will engender INSECURITY in other communities.

One more effect of pampering belligerent Islam will be a further rise in extreme Right Wing parties in the West. Not all are gentle HINDUS trailing behind a "Great Soul" called Gandhi, whose weakness invited the Muslim AGGRESSION in India in 1947.

Canadian weakness will also invite Islamic AGGRESSION, sooner or later.

Please INVITE your viewers to cast votes on the issue. This could also be the TALKING POINT on Radio and TV next Sunday. Calls from the NON Muslims ought to be taken anonymously for obvious reasons.

17 August 2004

(Anniversary of ASSASSINATION of GEN. ZIA UL HAQ, who vigorously enforced JEZIA in Pakistan)