Date: 8/19/2004


The purpose of British education in their Indian colony was to produce "house niggers/coolies" who were brown only in color but British in thinking.

Gandhi and Nehru were the perfect house niggers which is why they were chosen by the british along with Jinnah to break up India

Please note that all three of them were members of the London Bar

Also note that while all the other freedom fighters including those who happened to be in the same neighborhood during anti British agitation were beaten, flogged, whipped, tortured, hanged to death, even shot dead, none of these three (GANDHI, NEHRU and JINNAH) was ever tortured or beaten by the British.

Is this a coincidence? Not really. The British did not rule the world by being stupid.

They were absolutely brilliant and they simply used the existing situation in India, i.e., the conflict between the Arab colonialists and the native Indians to their advantage and they are still doing it to this day.

Why do you think the Indian constition nationalised Hindu temples, not mosques and churches?

Why do you think that Muslims are allowed to practice Sharia civil law but not Sharia criminal law, i.e., cutting off the hands and executing drug dealers?

It was all written into the constitution for a very good reason.

The eventual disintegration of India into 28 parts as Edwina Mountbatten had requested Nehru to do- read "Freedom at Midnight" (by Dominique Lapierre and Larry Colins.)

Educated Hindus being the perfect house niggers/coolies went along with Constitution since they believed everything British is wonderful.

Everyone keeps saying the Indian constitution is based on the British constitution. This is a blatant lie. The british constitution does not nationalise the Church of England or allow the Muslims to have Sharia civil law.

Do you think the British have really left India? you must be kidding. They are now reinforced and augmented by the powerful ITALIAN Fifth Column.

.......Colonialism is dead. Long live colonialism

The British-educated Indians continue to perturate neo colonialism by denigrating and humiliating their own people

Never make the mistake of thinking these people are Indians. They are colonialists with brown skin.


Ignorant "secularists" are under the influence of an ideological opium, which blurs their understanding of facts.

Although Gandhi pretended to be selfless, actually his actions show the opposite. Both Gandhi and Nehru were driven by pure selfishness, which, in the end, overcame their patriotism and nationalism, leading to the unjust fragmentation of India.

If Gandhi-Nehru could overcome their own selfishness and demonstrate nationalism, 15th of August would have been the real Indian Liberation Day instead of the National Mourning Day, as it is today.