Date: 8/19/2004


A patriot came across the website on “Indira Gandhi Open University” accidentally. It provides courses and a number of scholarships.

What set the hearts and minds of all the other patriots on FIRE, is the question, “Why yet another Gandhi?” Is the rest of the world of INDIAN scholarship and education, from Kerala to Assam, DEAD, INFERIOR, ROTTEN, not worth a second thought?

One commented, “India is burning and (thoroughly corrupt) Congress (INDIRA), Communists and all the despicable opportunists are pouring petrol on fire to burn down everything that is truly and genuinely native.” He adds, “In order to reverse this process of destruction true patriots must take law into their own hands in order to eradicate these anti national, anti native forces that are collaborating with foreign ideology. We must give a fight to win. It is getting too late. There has never been democracy in India, and there is no democracy at present,”



Dear Patriot, you were impressed by the courses but not disgusted by the name. One's first reaction ought to be to challenge the politically INCORRECT name of the university to restore much violated and lost dignity and IMAGE of Bharat.

Why is this university named after the MOST CONTROVERSIAL political "Witch" of our time? Since the cabinet and Parliament in India are "subservient “DOGS” of Dynasty", there ought to be a Referendum on such questions like naming public buildings and institutions after a "Gandhi". These belong to the nation, NOT to the Gandhis or their political party. The FIRST Gandhi came home after unconditionally surrendering ONE THIRD OF INDIA to the enemy in 1947. The LAST Gandhi was ASSASSINATED for attacking the Tamils of INDIAN origin in a neighbouring country. He is NOTORIOUS as "Bofors Chor".

Was there NEVER another Indian male or female, who was devoted to EDUCATION instead of the one, notorious for her mischievous scheming of Divide and Rule and HINDU BASHING?

What about the Guru (teacher) who taught Sri Ram? What about Rabindra Nath Tagore, who founded a University? Was there NONE from the entire history of Tamil Nadu or EAST Punjab who ever served the cause of Education? Has the nation lived in a long DARK Age until the birth of Indira? Come on, one billion of us, who will accept this latest provocation and insult without a murmur.

The Dynasty, encouraged by recent victory is even more vicious and deadly since they can now fire from behind A BUSH called Manmohan Singh, not standing directly facing us. The Dynasty is back with vengeance despite the new signboard.

Where are our intelligentsia? Why are they no match to the thinkers in the UK and the USA? Why is there no outcry in the media on naming the Open University after Indira KHAN, the Musalmani who returned our East Bengal after capturing it?

What joy can a SIKH female have whose men folk, including husband and sons, were clubbed to death and set alight in broad daylight in Delhi after her assassination? Why should their sentiment not count with the present treacherous rulers of Bharat?

By declaring the RSS as dangerous and deliberately alienating the Sikhs further they are serving their own dangerous purpose, to destroy the Hindu culture, religion and morale in South Asia.

What services did this arrogant female, born with a silver spoon in mouth, seduced so easily into marriage by the son of a Sunni liquor dealer in Allahabad, later living the life style of an empress, render for the UNITY of India and integration of the Tamils and the Sikhs in the mainstream? How did she ENHANCE the dignity of Hindus and raise the image of Hindustan? What steps did she take to abrogate Article 370 of Constitution and for the recovery of North Kashmir?

Wasn't Jawaharlal Nehru (JLN) University enough, turning out anti national worthless PhD's? Not one of these rotten, third class, INFERIOR "Doctors" has cried “FOUL!” at the ONE Dynasty going behind scenes to misrule and manipulate our great nation.

Here are some MORE questions for us to see our helpless state and plight in Bharatvarsha.

Why can’t we SEE that by such treacherous Hindu BASHER "Gandhi" names stuck on everything from roads, parks, tournaments, schools, colleges, hospitals and even universities, the whole world regards us Indians as coolies or brainwashed MORONS.

Why do we accept our NATIONAL degradation and manipulation with the ease of breathing?

Is India really Independent? A few souls, IN AGONY OVER THIS QUESTION, will like to get the answers to the following questions before we believe that the politically stinking name of this university is acceptable.

Here they are-

I hope your brave and DEMOCRATIC moderator will respect the right of free expression of all members and let this appear on this Discussion List of our Intelligentsia, for all to see.

The language is proper, the Curiosity is that of a child, the anger of a wounded tigress, and the involvement is that of a fearless patriot.

…………………….. ================

The questions that DEMAND answers from those who think India is Independent, and the (highly provocative and insensitive) name "Indira Gandhi Open University" is fine:

1. Why do we put the foreigners over our heads and feel safe and secure?

2. Why do we INVITE aggression- social, cultural, spiritual, ideological and POLITICAL?

3. Why do we have NO distinction between friend and foe?

4. Why are we impressed by the status of Mohammed in Mecca but do not give the same to our own Sri Ram in AYODHYA?

5. Why do we find faults with our own peerless native females while sparing the foreigners? (For example, Nobody asked, "What university did Sonia attend and what certificates did she get?" (She was only a domestic maid in Cambridge.)

6. Why do we "kill" our girls over dowry while adoring impoverished Sonia who arrived in three clothes from Italy to our fabulously rich land, attracted by dazzling wealth she could convey to Italy? (The same WEALTH attracted the Greeks, the Arabs, the Turks, the Persians, the Afghans, the French, the Portuguese, the British and even the Pope.)

7. Why do we think NON Hindus on top are good news for the Hindus down under, sitting at their feet, waiting for orders to carry them out obediently, vying with one another, even dying, to feast, fatten and ENRICH them?

8. Why don't we defend our territory like the Afghans, the Turks, the British, and the Iraqis?

9. Why don't we commemorate our DEAD in battle?

10. Why don't we recall the surrender of our vast TERRITORIES, in fact, ONE THIRD OF INDIA, in 1947?

11. Why don't we insist on HINDUS dominating Hindusthan?

12. Why do we NOT “relate” to our fellow Hindus, e.g., those being killed in South Kashmir and those being kicked and persecuted in EAST Bengal?

13. Why are the news of the dead from Kashmir, coming on daily basis, seen as boring routine by most of us?

14. Why do we forget and forgive so quickly? We do not insist on trial of BOFORS CHOR, but, like MORONS, call him “Mr. Clean”! We have forgiven the Muslims for occupying Lahore and North Kashmir. Why?

15. Why don't we dare to commend our dearly held religion to our RULERS?

And, in turn, Why aren't THEY prepared to touch it even with a barge pole?

16. Why don't we mind the one-way inter faith marriages in Bharat that are benefiting the enemy and depleting the native (HINDU) stock of beauty and brains?

17. Why do our holiest of holy point to the NEXT world to end our miseries, and not see the filth to be removed from our world in THIS life?

18. Why can't we all unite to construct a grand Temple in Ayodhya?

19. Why don't we tell the Muslims, objecting to our Temple in Ayodhya, "You have no business to be even here after Partition."? Why don't we tell the Catholics, "This will be our native counterpart to YOUR Vatican?"

20. Why did we invite the Pope as State guest in Bharat when no Pandit or Shankaracharya will EVER be invited by the Pope to his Vatican? (When will one be invited to visit Mecca as State Guest?)

21. Why do we accept the embassy of Pope in New Delhi? What can Vatican export except Bibles and missionaries, to rob our souls and ridicule us on our own territory?

22. Why don't the Hindus boycott cinemas showing KHANS singing and dancing with Hindu maidens if NO Hindu actor can come near a MUSALMANI actress in an Indian film?

23. Why don't we examine the pedigree of our top leaders? Who knows the names of Feroze Khan's parents and the political affiliation of Sonia's father or family in Italy?

24. Why can any loafer become an MP or Minister without doing conspicuous national service over years? (e.g., Rahul Gandhi, MP, Laloo Prashad, Cabinet Minister)

25. Why is India unable to fulfil her declared commitments, e.g., recovery of North Kashmir?

26. Why didn't Bharat come to the aid of persecuted Indians in Uganda, Fiji and East Bengal, but looked the other way?

27. Why don't we look around to notice the PERISHING Hindu world, e.g., Pakistani sponsored crisis in Nepal?

28. Why didn't India retaliate when MILLIONS were arriving as refugees from West Punjab and Sindh in 1947?

29. Why don't we challenge the democracy that is dynastic?

30. Why is Urdu at par with Hindi in U.P.?

31. Why was there no outcry at Centre sending army to kill Tamils of INDIAN ORIGIN in Northern Sri Lanka? (They had to recover North Kashmir.)

32. Why is Bharat's native RELIGION not taught at schools? It is taught in the United Kingdom and in Pakistan.

33. Why don't our history books give full accounts of Hindu warriors of history? Why are the Moguls and the British conquerors given a lot more space in curriculum?

34. Why isn't anybody in Bharat interested in finding out the terms and conditions of ACT OF PARTITION OF INDIA, 1947?

35. Why are those terms and conditions not being implemented? Why aren't the ignorant Indians being told the Truth behind that PARTITION?

36. Why are corruption and Nepotism AT THE TOP tolerated by us all so easily?

37. Why don't we dare to call NEHRU a traitor after his performance at Independence Talks with the British during 1947? (He came home after surrendering one third of India unconditionally to the ENEMY. Do the Indians know who that ENEMY is?)

38. Why is there NO Hindu Holocaust Museum anywhere in PARTITIONED India to commemorate the TWO MILLION slaughtered or killed brutally in 1947?

39. Is there any other country on earth whose citizens have SO MANY questions that need urgent answers or remedies?

40. Is there any other country on earth whose citizens live under SUCH TERROR that they do not dare to ask questions so that their lives and jobs are safe?

41. Why have the Punjabis DUMPED Lahore so easily, the Bengalis discarded Dhaka so quickly and the rest of India given up North Kashmir so hopelessly?

42. Why doesn't free and independent India have free broadcasting? Why is it State controlled?

43. Why can't we declare our national goal to push the frontiers back to Khyber and Chittagong? Would such a Declaration be a punishable crime?

44..Why are we Indians SO EASY to invade, conquer, enslave and rule and MISRULE for generations, or for as long as it takes?

45. Why do we call ONE FRAGMENT out of three, "India", and not PI (Partitioned India), or even Partitioned Indian Secular State? The Punjabis call one fragment out of FIVE, "Punjab". Only the Bengalis are HONOURABLE and BRAVE enough to call their State WEST Bengal (NOT "Bengal").

46. Why can’t we SEE that perpetuating the memory of treacherous "Hindu basher" (ASSASSINATED) Gandhis, stuck on everything from roads, parks, tournaments, schools, colleges, hospitals, hostels, and even universities, we tell the whole world that "We Indians are still SLAVES, coolies or brainwashed MORONS."?

Are there any other nations that are so obedient, ignorant, subservient or brainwashed as the Indians? We NRI's should know since we live among people who ASK, and will do anything to FIND OUT. Neither Tony Blair nor Gerhard Schroeder is grooming his son or daughter for his top post.

Let us keep this List of Questions for posterity so that they know our lives of IGNORANCE through HELPLESSNESS and RESIGNATION.