Date: 8/27/2004


With unbridled audacity, the Muslim population of the world has adopted the technique of Hitler's Big Lie to accuse the other of crimes they themselves have been guilty of for thousands of years and are still guilty of today: apartheid, racism, genocide, and ethnic cleansing. It is the Muslims, not the Christians, not the Nazis, and not the Serbs, who first taught the world such atrocities. It began with the Muslims, centuries before the Crusades, and continues openly and shamelessly into the 21st century, without an objection from the U.N.

FACTS THE U.N. AND ITS MUSLIM ALLIES WANT YOU TO IGNORE - According to Islam, an agreement made between a Muslim and an infidel (non-Muslim) need not, and should not be honored. Does this speak volumes on why Oslo failed? This is Muslim apartheid. - Muslims/Arabs control vast amounts of land - over 56 countries, 21 in the Middle East, none of which are democracies. All of which are oppressive repressors of the MOST BASIC human rights. The 21 Mid East countries are all Arab, all Muslim, all homo-geneous (with tiny sprinklings of Christians fearing for their lives). They find it unbearable a country such as Israel, a democracy which thrives on religious, ethnic, and cultural diversity, should exist amongst them. This is intolerance of the OTHER. This is Muslim racism, discrimination, and apartheid. They desire and live for Israel's destruction, the West's destruction. This is Muslim ethnic cleansing.

- In 622 A.D. Mohammed traveled to Medina and tried to force the Jews to convert. When they refused, two of the major Jewish tribes were expelled; in 627, Muhammad's followers killed between 600 and 900 of the men, and divided the surviving Jewish women and children amongst themselves. This is Muslim racism, apartheid, ethnic cleansing and genocide.

-The Dhimmi, an inferior status accorded Christians and Jews, were forced to pay a tribute to the Muslim rulers in exchange for their lives. Dhimmis, on pain of death, were forbidden to mock or criticize the Koran, Islam or Muhammad, to proselytize among Muslims or to touch a Muslim woman (though a Muslim man could take a non­Muslim as a wife). This is Muslim racism, discrimination, and apartheid.

- Dhimmis were excluded from public office and armed service, and were forbidden to bear arms. They were not allowed to ride horses or camels, to build synagogues or churches taller than mosques, to construct houses higher than those of Muslims or to drink wine in public. They were not allowed to pray or mourn in loud voices-as that might offend the Muslims. The dhimmi had to show public deference toward Muslims-always yielding them the center of the road. The dhimmi was not allowed to give evidence in court against a Muslim, and his oath was unacceptable in an Islamic court. To defend himself, the dhimmi would have to purchase Muslim witnesses at great expense. This left the dhimmi with little legal recourse when harmed by a Muslim. This is Muslim racism, discrimination, and apartheid.

- Everyone other than Dhimmis faced a choice of either Death or Conversion. This is Muslim racism, genocide, and apartheid.

-Dhimmis were forced to wear distinctive clothing with huge collars which made them the subject of ridicule. In the ninth century, Baghdad's Caliph al-Mutawakkil designated a yellow badge for Jews, setting a precedent that would be followed centuries later in Nazi Germany. Today, the Taliban continue this practice on the Hindu population of Afghanistan. This is Muslim racism, discrimination, and apartheid.

- On December 30, 1066, Joseph HaNagid, the Jewish vizier of Granada, Spain, was crucified by an Arab mob that proceeded to raze the Jewish quarter of the city and slaughter its 5,000 inhabitants. The riot was incited by Muslim preachers who had angrily objected to what they saw as inordinate Jewish power. A precursor to the incitements of the Muslim clerics today to kill Americans and Jews everywhere. This is Muslim racism, apartheid, and genocide.

- in 1465, Arab mobs in Fez slaughtered thousands of Jews, leaving only 11 alive, after a Jewish deputy vizier treated a Muslim woman in "an offensive manner." The killings sparked a wave of massacres throughout Morocco. This is Muslim racism genocide, and ethnic cleansing.

- 8th century - mass murders of Jews in Arab lands occurred in Morocco, whole communities were wiped out by Muslim ruler Idris I; North Africa in the 12th century, where the Almohads either forcibly converted or decimated several communities; Libya in 1785, where Ali Burzi Pasha murdered hundreds of Jews; Algiers, where Jews were massacred in 1805, 1815 and 1830 and Marrakech, Morocco, where more than 300 hundred Jews were murdered between 1864 and 1880. Decrees ordering the destruction of synagogue were enacted in Egypt and Syria (1014, 1293-4, 1301-2),Iraq (854­859, 1344) and Yemen (1676). Despite the Koran's prohibition, Jews were forced to convert to Islam or face death in Yemen(1165 and 1678), Morocco(1275, 1465 and 1790-92) and Baghdad (1333 and 1344). Does this remind you of the 20th century where Jewish communities were slaughtered in Hebron in 1929, where Christians are arrested, falsely charged, and executed on a daily basis, where Hindus are murdered en masse, where Buddhist, Hindu, and Jewish Holy sites are plundered and destroyed by Muslims? Today is just a continuation of Muslim history of racism, apartheid, and genocide of the OTHER.

- 19th century- Jews in North Africa were forced to live in ghettos. In Morrocco,( the largest Jewish community in the Islamic Diaspora), Jews were made to walk barefoot or wear shoes of straw when outside the ghetto. Even Muslim children participated in the degradation of Jews, by throwing stones at them or harassing them in other ways. The frequency of anti-Jewish violence increased, and many Jews were executed on charges of apostasy. This was all before the State of Israel existed, yet their actions were no different then from today's charter of the PLO and other Muslim countries - destroy Israel, kill the Jews, kill democracy, kill the OTHER. This is Muslim racism, apartheid, genocide, and ethnic cleansing.

-Today, Sudan's Islamic government continues to enslave women and children from Christian tribes. This is Muslim racism and apartheid. Muslim Sudaneese have murdered approximately one million Christian Sudaneese. This is Muslim genocide.

-Hindus and Muslims fight for the Kashmir. Thousands of Hindus are executed. This is Muslim genocide.

-After NATO gave them the province, Albanians in Kosovo cleansed 80 percent of the Serb population and destroyed over 100 Orthodox churches. This is Muslim apartheid, genocide, and ethnic cleansing.

- In Indonesia, the Laskar Jihad (which includes veterans of Bosnia and Afghanistan) attacked Christian villages in September 2000 . In two provinces, over 5,000 have died and over 250,000 were driven from their homes since January 1999. This is Muslim genocide and ethnic cleansing.

-According to the Guardian, Muslims in England are trained in paramilitary camps and sent to Lebanon and Jordan to join the holy war against Israel. One young recruit explained: ``We have a problem with oppression. That is, with the Hindus in Kashmir, the Russians in Chechnya, the Christians in the former Yugoslavia and the Israelis in Palestine.'' Anything OTHER than Muslim dictatorships signifies oppression. This is Muslim racism, genocide, and ethnic cleansing.

Today in Southern France, there are more mosques than churches. How long before the Muslims in France, the United States, and other Western countries begin to view the non-Muslims as their oppressors and start their jihad for "liberation" of those countries?

Today in Israel, Muslim clerics who control the Temple Mount (where the Dome of the Rock and the silver domed Al Aqsa mosques sit) claim that there is no evidence of a Jewish connection to Jerusalem. These brazen statements fly in the face of our common Western Heritage of the City of David, the Jewish monarch. The Palestinian Muslim clerics are guilty of gross historical revisionism so as to justify a future attempt at ethnic cleansing.

Who will the citizens of the "infidel" world depend on for protection when churches, synagogues, and Buddhist / Hindu temples start to be torched? Synagogue desecration has already begun.

When Muslim suicide bombers (who continue to be romanticized by Western media) come to your doorstep, will you ask Kofi Annan and Mary Robinson of the U.N. for your protection?

They will help you as they have helped Israel and the Jewish people be blown up and dismembered by Muslim "activists" in Israel. They will help you as they have helped the 2 million slaughtered Tibetans (by Communist China). They will help you just as they have helped the enslaved, slaughtered and beheaded Christians in Egypt, Lebanon, Sudan, Malaysia and other Muslim countries. They will help you as they have helped the slaughtered Hindus in the Kashmir and Afghanistan.

They will protect your places of worship as they have protected the Great Buddha and the Hindu Temples in Afghanistan in their destruction, the Temple Mount in Jerusalem in its plunder and desecration by the Muslim expatriates, the Tomb of Joseph in its burning stone by stone and replacement by a mosque, the destruction of Tibetan monasteries in illegally occupied Tibet. The U.N. will help protect you and your places of worship the same way they have protected those above.

No doubt, the U.N., together with the Arafat's and Saddam's of the world will hold a World Conference Against Racism and accuse the U.S., France, England, and Italy of crimes against humanity. They will accuse them of genocide, ethnic cleansing, and brand them all apartheid states, just as the NGO has done to Israel (the forerunner) this week. The Motto: Accuse the OTHER of crimes you are guilty of.

It will no doubt be a democratic process of voting by those who practice tyranny, but no matter, democracy and equal votes for all dictatorships of the world. And on the last day of their conference, a resolution will be passed effectively branding all democracies and Western governments as racist, genocidal, apartheid states guilty of ethnic cleansing. Where will you be then?