Date: 8/27/2004


The Congress party is busy in making fake National hero out of a ordinary Pilot Rajiv Gandhi and at the same time Sonia Gandhi is playing games to insult the real Heroin UMA BHARATI. She is a brave and patriotic Hindutva Warrior with an unblamished record in public life.

Hindus should rise in revolt against this Italian MOMMY (Please do not call her Rajmata) and the depraved Congress shoe lickers, who unfortunately form the bulk of Congress leaders.

The act of hoisting a National Flag against an unjust and stupid regulation of the then Government is no crime and to dig out such old cases is a purely malicious game by Congress. They should remember that if this was a crime then this crime was repeated many times by their leader Gandhi in British days.

Sonia Gandhi is also busy in manufacturing and polishing her offsprings as future leaders of Congress over the heads of impotent and gutless Congress Shoe lickers.

I am sure this stupid act of harrasing UMA BHARATI will backfire on Congress in a big way and all Hindutva forces should unite to punish the Congress Party for this stupidity.