Date: 8/27/2004


Look at the height of slavic mentality of the Indians. For money's sake these people can sell out their mothers, sisters, even wives.

There is no greater traitor that this film maker. Congress is pumping money ("BOFORS CHOR FOUNDATION" AND THE COMMISSION TAKEN BY BOFORS CHOR HIMSELF) to sell what is not salebale.

WE must expose this anti-Indian woman, who degrades every native female born in Bharat every second of each and every day.


........Film on Sonia Gandhi to be released on Dec. 9, 2004

Mumbai, Aug. 25. (UNI): Rated as the third most powerful woman in the world by the Forbes magazine, the life of Congress president, Sonia Gandhi, has inspired a former Income Tax officer to make a film on her.

"Sonia Sonia", produced, written and directed by T D Kumar alias Kumar Kiran will go on the floors on August 29 and would be released on December 9 to coincide with Gandhi's birthday.

Talking to UNI, Kumar said 'Sonia Sonia" is a film within a film. It traces the life of a woman who is simple, yet extraordinary and apolitical. "It is a creative interpretation of the life and times of Sonia Gandhi."

The film has historical authenticity, says Kumar while adding that "Sonia Sonia" does not verge on personal malice or exaggeration with respect to any person or party ..... It is a fairy tale with a difference.

Kumar, who has conceived and designed the film, had, earlier, created a bilingual film "Nehru the Jewel of India" in 1991. Films like "Sajan Beena Suhagan", "Chorni', and "Bahu ki Awaz" are also based on his literary creations.

"I have nothing to do with the Congress party," he says. Kumar at the very outset to quash any doubts that political affiliations may have prompted the making of the film. "Sonia Sonia" is a creative interpretation of history and about a person's journey from a small town Orbassamo to New Delhi to follow her love, says he.

The film tells the story of a homely, apolitical person who goes on to become the focal point in national politics ..... the tale of a person who gave up power when she was very near it, Kumar says.

Actress Purva Joshi, a product of the National School of Drama (NSD), plays the title role in "Sonia Sonia".

The film, Kumar says, begins with a young man, involved in dramatics at UCLA from America, who is commissioned to make a film on Sonia Gandhi. The man discovers a medical student, Sonia, who fights the hurdles in her life and career with determination. The film depicts glimpses of Gandhi and how both Sonias become fighters and learners in their commitment for a cause. There is no political ideology involved ..... it is only about love, harmony, national integration and development, says Kumar.