Date: 8/29/2004


...........FRENCH HOSTAGES Sunday 29 August 2004.

The Islamic terrorists have taken two French journalists hostage in Iraq.

This is not the first time how Islam makes NEW demands and then backs them up by VIOLENCE in democracies. Two French journalists are now praying for their lives in Iraq.

Sixty years ago, the Muslims in India spoke the same language to our own secular leaders (who wanted UNITED India):

"Either you agree to Partition, or we shall cut off your throats."

The manner and speed of the two barristers-at-law, Nehru and Gandhi, CAPITULATING before the ISLAMIC bullies holds world record in panic reaction and speed of surrender.

All democracies with rapidly growing Muslim populations, especially Partitioned India, are sitting on a time bomb.

We have to be permanently prepared for similar situations despite all the apparent appeasement and political correctness shown by our selectively secular government.

After devouring one third of India, the Muslims ought to have let Kashmir develop as a tourists' paradise.

The hostages in Iraq send a signal to our Bharat: GET READY for something far worse that the INDIAN Muslims, following in the footsteps of Qaid-i-Azim and INSPIRED by Mohammed, can inflict on their own land of birth.