Date: 8/29/2004


5 SEPTEMBER next will be the anniversary of the brutal massacre of Israeli athletes at Munich Olympics in 1972.

The heartless savage ISLAMIC terrorissts plunged the happy world of sports into gloom on one daty.

The victims were the youth in the prime of their lives who had trained hard for years to get some medal, but the Islamic terrorists did not care.

How much did they care for the suffering of Hindus in Noakhali in August 1946 and of Sikhs in Lahore, and of the tens of millions of others all over western and eastern India in 1947 when they broke up their land of birth (India) so brutally with "rivers of blood" flowing?

There will be commemorative ceremonies all over honourable Israel. No minister or leader will forget those brutal murders by the Arabs, calling it "history", as in the case of the innocent Hindus being continuously murdered in South Kashmir. They are on nobody's mind. Nor is Lahore.