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date: 8/30/2004

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the news of islamic terrorists first giving a slap to world's no 1 superpower america (9/11) and now abducting two non combatant innocent french journalists and threatening to behead them as per koran, is hard to believe or swallow by civilised west.

the dastardly act is fully justified, despite "diplomatic" denials and "politically correct language" all round, since it corresponds with the islamic version of our own geneva convention.

the fate of prisoners (including muslims!) in islamic hands, since times immemorial, is a subject that is still to be researched, studied and recorded by any western or indian university.

the defeated armies were slaughtered en masse, pardoned were only those who embraced islam on the spot. during the decade- long war by soviet union in afghanistan (1979-89), hundreds of captured russian soldiers escaped death by doing just that.

the prisoners are tortured, have eyes gouged out and sometimes cut up limb by limb. the muslim world has no qualms about it.

india has received mutilated bodies of her soldiers captured by pakistan and bangladesh. the indian government is too terrified of telling the world about the islamic geneva convention. if she did so, she would cut a very sorry figure before the whole world and invite ridicule if not outright contempt.

we believe, now is the right psychological moment to give a call to all the european union member states for "islam free europe."

with muslims growing in numbers and confidence across ?oft and liberal?europe, their demands will finally result in imposition of sharia law across europe, first for the ?elievers? then for all.

the muslims cannot help but proceed along the powerful ideological drives emanating from koran and hadis.

what is happening in middle east is coming home nearer. the primitive and savage ideological scum carried by the waves is washing up the shores of liberal america and christian europe.

non muslim minorities living peacefully, nicely integrating with the mainstream in the west, are getting afraid. they know islam in all those lands they fled, fearing its killer sword.

better to admire the ?east?from a distance than put it at touching distance of your own children. better to admire the ?east?from a distance than put it at touching distance of your own children.

with specific regard to the indian sub continent, the hindus know its mercy in north kashmir, east bengal and ayodhya, and the sikhs know its tolerance in lahore and nankana sahib. one has yet to ask the greek from northern cyprus and the armenians of armenia.

let us pray for the two helpless frenchmen in islamic custody, who are fearing for their lives right now.

......................30 august 2004..........................


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