Date: 9/3/2004


At the time of wriging, 10.20 am, September 3, 2004, the siege of school in Ossetia is still going on. It has entered the 4th. gruesome day for the innocent hostages- infants, children, young mothers, parents and teachers of a school. Inside are hundreds of agonised, terrified, hungry and thirsty souls, who are helpless, just like the rest of the world.

There are also two French journalists still held hostages by those who wish the ban on head dress for Muslim females lifted in France.

The followers of Mohammed have hearts of stone. Mohammed's teachings have made them suicidal.

Mohammed's followers do not know construction but only DESTRUCTIOn, not love but HATE, bestial cruely, not mercy, not logic and argument but FORCE & VIOLENCE.

There were millions of NON MUSLIM refugees in INDIA in the wake of bloody Partition on terms of Mohammed. And there are a quarter of a million HINDU refugees from South Kashmir right now. The world does not know about them.

They are all taking care of their individul and collective fate, coming to terms with Islamic aggression on their own territory.

Yet a Muslim is for ever a refugge, burden on world and threat to world peace.

For anyone to say, "Islam is a religin of peace" amounts to HIGH TREASON against the safety and security of this shrinkihng world in which we all are trapped with the Muslims, ever disgruntled, ever in a belligerent mood, ever agitating and HOSTAGE TAKING and ever producing suicide bombers to KILL, KILL and DESTROY, but not to educate themselves, civislise themselves, build a better, more beautiful, tolerant world, as Christ and Guru Nanak, and many other sages and seers, preached.


The defeated and demoralised Indians, trusting a MUSLIM (Supreme Commander Abdul Kalam) for their fate and future, may not realise that the news from Ossietia, Russia, ought to OPEN THEIR EYES.

For what we see here today, we shall see all over Partitioned India tomorrow. We may close our eyes like the pigeon in front of a cat but KASHMIR STILL REMAINS DISPUTED under Article 370 of India's own Constitution.