rise, russia, rise.  it is too late for partitioned bleeding hindustan (india).

date: 9/6/2004

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rise, russia, rise. it is too late for partitioned bleeding hindustan (india).

rise russia rise - the savagery with the school kids of beslan demands retribution

russia? heart is bleeding, the dead, wounded and traumatized school kids of beslan tell us that. they call for retribution. this is not the time for inaction in the name of patience or forbearance. russia needs to revive the spirit of their ancestors who drove out from russia the mongol tartars of the golden horde and saved europe from the mongols, russia needs to revive the spirit of the doughty cossacks who drove out napoleon and of those brave partisans who drained out hitler? nazis in the snows outside moscow to defeat and destroy nazism completely.

no one came to russia? aid in all these three defining moments in its history. ancient rus fought alone, it fought bravely and fought successfully, always taking the fight into the enemy? territory and destroying the enemy in the enemy? home. russian troops entered the mongol tartar heartland and tamed the barbarians by bringing civilization to central asia from where the tatars had invaded russia. russian troops ended the napoleonic invasion by reaching paris and they also ended hitler? savage attack by plunging the russian army into berlin.

today beslan is a challenge to the russian spirit. russia needs to awaken its spirit if it is to save itself from further savagery. russia can do it, and russia can do it alone as it did with the tartars, with napoleon and with the nazis. the tartars were defeated by russia absolutely single-handedly, while in the war with napoleon and with the nazis too, the western allies came into the picture after russia had defeated the invader on its home ground single-handedly.

today also russia needs to act single-handedly and take the war into the enemy? home. if the arabs can attack russians in russia, then russia needs to attack arabs in the arab world. we americans have been pusillanimous so far at least. we have made a poor showing till today in afghanistan and iraq. <http://www.newsonterror.com/pentagon.html> russia needs to take the lead in the war on terror from now onwards ?america and the west will follow as waterloo (in 1815) followed borodino in 1812 and normandy (in 1944) followed stalingrad in 1942. today also russia needs>http://www.newsonterror.com/pentagon.html> russia needs to take the lead in the war on terror from now onwards ?america and the west will follow as waterloo (in 1815) followed borodino in 1812 and normandy (in 1944) followed stalingrad in 1942.

russia needs to start with a target, which the americans will not crib about. if russia attacks saudi arabia, american oil supplies will be affected and upset the faulty american game-plan of ensuring oil flowing to the west while grappling with the terrorists and their sponsors in the middle east. russia may not want to attack iran, because of their strategically wrong relations with the mullahs in iran? quest for nuclear capability. so given the compulsions of the ground situation today and russia? interests and the possible american response; russia can at least start with crashing missiles into a target that the americans would find acceptable while also making an example of the arabs.

now hold your breath ?but russia can safely crash a nuclear tipped missile into damascus.

a couple of million deaths in an arab capital, should send in tremors down the spine of all those who distribute candy whenever the terrorists succeed in their murderous designs. america also should also not mind that in the war on terror, the nuclear button is first pushed by a russia who is an inheritor of the mantle of its cold war enemy - the ussr. unless russia takes the war against terror outside russia urgently, it cannot deliver the needed message to the terror masters in the middle east. russia needs to rise and needs to make one capital in the arab world into a nuclear wasteland, with a warning that the next beslan will bring russian nukes crashing on the next arab capital. the arabs can keep guessing, which of them will be the unlucky one next time around. this will have an electrifying effect on the usa and the west. the french will whine, the germans will crib, even the british could wring their hands and the usa would wonder how to take the initiative in the war on terror back into its hands. this might stir the usa and uk into action by following up on the russian lead and the whining french with their allies would be left with the only option of thumping the lecterns at the un general assembly. but the world would be on the path of being saved from the beastly terror that is today writ on the traumatized faces of the school kids of beslan.

rise russia rise, you need to save yourself and also arouse america in the process, while saving human civilization from the worst barbarism of all times the islamic jihad, which if not challenged in the language of blood and death, will soon move from beslan to bradford to boston to beijing and wherever to else it can digs it dirty fangs.


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