Date: 9/6/2004


All so called Indian secularists are inadvertently or knowingly outright traitors who obsequiously fawn and kowtow to vested imperial Western Christian backed militant outfits.There is no percieved or imaginary conspiracy to finish HInduism to those selfish and complacent idiots who preach secularism while Hindus and Hindustan is being exterminated under their spiteful and indifferent noses.It is only the most shameless & ignorant of us who would not take a decisive stance in defence and protection of their own ancient Hindu civilization and its hugely and horribly suffering indigenous Hindus populace .

Sonia Khan (alias Gandhi) is the most scurrilous and shameful example of Indian dementia and fascination for white skin no matter how evil or treacherous that white skinned 'Memsahib' is and always has been inimical dangerous and replete with monstrous alliances with deadly,murderous ISI (that she has worked for since 1960/7) and subversive Christian Militants who have murdered over twenty two thousand Hindus in North Eastern states that are rife with terror insurgency and seperatist agitation and sponsored and directed western fundamentalist establishment.Hindus cannot afford to be secular when their own compatriots are under line of fire like this.This is a challenge to all pseudo "secularists" if your daughter is being gangraped will you stay neutral under such a dangerous violative personal assault.All these secularists are outright traitors and should be dealt with appropriately.for if they have no love or respect for the integrity of their own and only motherland and compatriots they are worst scum imaginable and do not deserve india if they are not willing to defend india with thier body mind soul wholeheartedly.please scroll down for article on high treason wicked sonia by a white man who has lived in India for thirty years and is totally dead against the evil maino mafia takeover of india.

all indian pseudo secularists will always respect an opinion even if it be pro Hindu of thier beloved white master whom they universally admire and worship blindly.


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> Bangalore: Reflecting the current tensions between the BJP and the> Congress, former Minister Yashwant Sinha called Manmohan Singh a> "puppet" Prime Minister who is trying to "finish off" the BJP under> the dictates of an "Italian," an obvious reference to Congress> president Sonia Gandhi. >

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Sinha should also know that Sonia is correctly spelt as Antonia Maino in Italian. A 110-page book has just come out. It is by S. Gurumurthy. Title: Sonia-- in the perception of a nationalist, Published by Swadeshi Jagaran Manch, Tamil Nadu, Coimbatore-12, India.

The foreword has been written by Victor Meyer who is an European who has been living in India for almost 30 years. He has done extensive research in Indian culture and heritage and believes that India will become a leader of the world in coming centuries. He has preferred to write this foreword under a pen-name. Some excerpts from the foreword:

"On one side, some stressed how SOnia the bahu, the devotd sari-clad wife, the pitiable widow belongs without a doubt to Indian tradition. Moreover, we believe in vasudhaiva kutumbakam, so what is your problem? And on the other, those who felt sudden humiliation, outrage, despair (there were many hues) at being faced with a white Prime Minister, and who heaved a mighty sigh of relief when the inevitable was as if miraculously averted...I also happen to be among those who felt sickened by Sonia's climb to the throne, and who prayed for someone or something to trip her up in time. Let me spell out my reasons. First, Sonia's association with India is purely accidental...Second, Indians know nothing about her background -- her origins, family, early life, beliefs, accomplishments...Third, the same Indians who defended her thorough 'Indianness' would certainly not have accepted the same claims from a Japanese-born or an African-born; skin colour does seem to have played upon their minds. Fourth, the lady's fair name has somehow appeared in the many shady affairs: Bofors of course, but also the alleged smuggling of Indian antiquities out of the country, and allegations of financial mismaagement against the Rajiv Gandhi Foundation and the Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts. Yet she has neglected to clear the air about them (for instance, she has never clarified the nature of her relationship with the notorious Ottavio Quattrochi). Fifth, Sonia's only adhikara was her chance membership of the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty, which we are yet to fully understandig, has done precious little for India except to stifle her progress for the sake of 'glamour' and 'prestige'. But my sixth and last reason is by far the weightiest of all. At no point has Sonia Gandhi shown the faintest understanding of, interest in, sympathy for India's cultural heritage...when Sonia visited Tirumala temple at Tirupati in 1999, upon being asked to sign a standard statement expressing faith in Hinduism, she declined. Owing to her VVIP status, she was allowed in nevertheless. But her refusal was, in fact, logical: Sonia is not remembered for ever expressing admiration for any great Indian scripure or spiritual teacher, or for voicing outrage at the plight of Kashmiri Pandits, the Godhra or the Marad victims -- or even simply for pointing to the denial of equal rights to Hindus. Ever prompt to attac 'communal elements' (read Hindu, never Muslim or Christian), she has never said a word on her own party's communal policies, from the Shah Bano case or the banning of the Satanic Verses to its poll alliances with the Indian Muslim League, not to mention her own appeals to Christian voters in the North-East, all in the good old 'secular' traditions of the COngress and its clones. This complete lack of sensitivity towards the foundations of Indian civilization is what, in my perception, radically disqualifies Sonia Gandhi from heading India's Government...But then, with no affinity for this country's cultural moorings, let Sonia not entertain the arrogant thought of leading its billion souls, directly or by proxy. One cannot cheat Dharma, one cannot play with fate. Sri Aurobindo once remarked that there are 'some Indians in European bodies'. India needs a leader who is Indian in that sense, but in an Indian body."

From page 43:

"Obviously, the reluctance of Antonia Maino, a seeker of the highest public office in India, to become Indian citizen for 15 years on the Indian soil raises the issue whether she is a good citizen even if she is a legal citizen."