Hindus unite against Islamic terror: VHP:

Date: 9/6/2004


...........Hindus unite against Islamic terror: VHP:

[India News] New Delhi, Sep 2 : The Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) Thursday wrote to Nepal's monarch, appealing for Hindu unity in the wake of the killing of 12 Nepalese workers in Iraq by Islamic militants.

In a letter to King Gyanendra, VHP leader Ashok Singhal said: "The VHP cries out in solidarity with Nepal in resolutely condemning the execution of 12 Nepalese contractors by the Mohammedan hostage takers of Iraq."

Singhal said the captors were "particularly brutal because the victims were Hindus".

"Hindus of India, Nepal and other countries would do well to understand the nature of their enemy," he said, asking them to be wary of "pseudo-secularists and communists" who indulged in Hindu bashing.

"The world must clearly understand the morbid language of the Islamic jehadis. The civilised world should do everything possible to put up a formidable bulwark against the spread of Islamic terrorism."