Date: 9/7/2004


even 1% of Bharatiya (except metropolises) don't know Antonio Maino is a xtian and her Maino kids are too xtians. These cheaters use Red Tilak on forhead during election times to fool hindus. Hindus are most foolish people on this globe, they can be fooled by wearing fenchy sari or putting a bindi on fohead.

Even educated Indian don't know she and her kids are xtians. Becoz cheating names - Sonia, Rahul, Priyanka and so on. I think time is running out, hindus must keep aside bogus secularism and openly campaign we don't support foreigner xtians to rule us. RSS, VHP, even BJP must educate the masses about the danger this family poses to our nation. Out of 28 states, she made at least 5 Chief Ministers. In Kerala one xtian CM replaced by another xtian CM. In Andhra Pradesh, 90% hindus are ruled by a xtian CM. Few days before it was in Chattishgarh. Are these coincidence or systematic design? If this is secularism, why that Italian lady can't make one Hindu CM in Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, J&K?

It is shocking, HIndu population decreased from 82.2% to 80.5% just in 10 years, while muslim increased from 12.1% to 13.4%. In 30 years, from 1971-2001, hindus in Assam reduced to 65% from 74.5%, while muslim jumped to 31% from 24.5%.

Its time, BJP and all nationalist forces bring population issue to the centre-stage and implement an uniform Population Policy. Muslim polygamy must be stoped by law and family planning must be govern by strict family size. BJP during its 6 years rule did nothing on population issue and Uniform Civil Code issue. These are real issues where BJP will get more support than issues like Cow slaughter.

India needs now a revolution, even it is bloody and violent. Otherwise, get ready for many more partitions and hindu massacres.