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date: 9/10/2004

do part time students get fafsa

the hindus in india are crying over the despicable fate of fellow hindus in east bengal that was liberated by indira gandhi and then handed back to mohammed.

like her son, the notorious "bofors chor", indira was a musalmani at heart after her nikah with feroze khan, and ruled hindustan with an iron fist like the mogul empress sultana razia begum before her.

all members of nehru dynasty are beyond law in india. anyone taking them to court, runs the risk of being eliminated or exterminated.

before we condemn the people of bogusdesh, let us be brave enough to criticise the then prime minister of india who could not think of commending her own secularism to pakistani refugee shaikh mujiburrahman. her secularism was only for east punjab as we saw 12 years later.

do we hear the title of "bloody bitch" for indira gandhi anywhere?

no. she is honoured and adoredd by india's parliament to no end. there are instituitons in her name all over india and also a huge well funded foundation.

these are the sins of hindustan, the slave colony of congress (italy and islam) for which more punishment is reserved for her betrayed children in wilderness.


............the statesman, calcutta, sept.8, 2004

.......................bangladesh terror-ii

government doesn? solve crimes but harasses opposition bibhuti bhusan nandy

[the author is former additional secretary, research and analysis wing]

the countrywide post-election hindu-cleansing operations in 2001 jointly conducted by the bnp and jamaat workers subjected the minority hindu community to a wave of centrally planned and directed murder, loot, extortion, arson and gang-rape that triggered a massive exodus of hindus to india. later, operating at the micro level, the fundamentalists, notably guerrillas of the j-e-i affiliate islamic chhatra shibir, selectively killed a number of leading hindus like college principal, school teachers and priests, and buddhist monks to sustain and exacerbate the sense of insecurity among the minorities.

fundamentalist mayhem

three years after the unprecedented mayhem under the bnp-jamaat dispensation, atrocities against religious and ethnic minorities have continued unabated. besides countless cases of dacoity, 226 serious cases of minority bashing were reported in the first half of the current year. these included murder (20), rape (22), kidnapping (17 including seven girl students) and extortion, loot and forcible occupation of houses and other immovable property (167). bnp and jamaat cadres were mainly involved in the perpetration of these crimes.

in march this year, 11 members of a hindu family at sadhanpur village in banskhali area of chittagong district were burnt to death by hired criminals at the instance of the brother of a bnp minister on the suspicion that they were supporters of the awami league. unable to withstand persistent persecution by the terror brigade of the four-party ruling alliance, 52 adivasis fled under cover of darkness one night to an unknown place from their village malpora in dinajpur district.

in tangail, terrorists shot dead one tribal christian and members of the ruling bnp forcibly occupied 150 bighas of land of the hindu community.

supported by the army, muslim settlers in chittagong hill district frequently kill chakma tribals and rape chakma women. the small ahmediya sect (100,000) has come under increasing attacks from the jamaat-e-islami and other fundamentalist forces. since the government banned all ahmediya publications earlier this year, the jamaat has stepped up the khatm-e-nabuat movement, killing the ahmediya jamaat ameer at jessore, and vandalising and forcibly occupying ahmediya mosques at dhaka and other places. the j-e-i has been spearheading the demand for enactment of a blasphemy law, declaring, as in pakistan, the ahmediyas as non-muslim.

in the past five years, 56 people have been killed in terrorist bomb attacks on udichi musical concert, bengali new year day congregation in dhaka, narayanganj district awami league office, awami league rallies at sunamganj, sylhet and dhaka, cinema halls at mymensingh and sylhet, a church at gopalganj and sah jalal shrine at sylhet. in sylhet district alone, there were 15 cases of bomb attacks killing 12 persons in the last six years. the bomb attack injuring the british high commissioner to bangladesh at sylhet on may 21 this year was an internationally inspired crime.

de-secularising bangladesh

thanks to the inability and unwillingness of the police, none of the cases of terrorist attacks have been resolved. instead of seriously investigating the horrendous crimes the government has used them with cynical persistence to harass and persecute opposition leaders and secular intellectuals who had raised their voice against the atrocities on the minorities. among many others, awami league leaders saber chaudhury and bahauddin nasim, human rights activist shahriar kabir,

university professor mumtasir namun and journalist selim samad have been charged with sedition. while in police custody they were subjected to inhuman police torture.

senior police officers investigating the terrorist attacks in sylhet district allege that there are strong grounds to suspect involvement of known fundamentalist elements in each of the crimes, but, under instructions from ?igher ups,?they cannot document this in case records. nor can such suspects be examined, much less interrogated. this stratagem is meant to debunk foreign press reports of spread of islamic terror in the country.

a good number of jum, suh and jmjb cadres were arrested from different places in the last two years with clinching evidence of their links to terrorist activities and possession of firearms and other weapons, but for want of follow-up they have been discharged by the courts.

countless horrendous crimes have been perpetrated against religious and ethnic minorities over the years, but barring a very few cases, the police have not investigated them. though the culprits were known and the press had named them all, no action was taken against them. under the bnp-jamaat regime, the sequence of crime and punishment has ceased to exist in bangladesh in respect of all cases involving muslim offenders and non-muslim victims. in the given situation, the minorities have the stark choice of embracing islam or migrating to india en masse. uptil now they have chosen the second alternative. for their part, the awami league and other left-of-centre parties cannot absolve themselves of the responsibility of indirectly contributing to the growth of islamic militancy by their omission to resist state-sponsored de-secularisation and islamization of the polity. the failure of these parties to come to the rescue of the minorities in the face of repeated onslaughts on them for fear of alienating the muslims has cast serious doubts on their secular credentials. staunch secularist awami league leaders of yesteryears now believe that risking loss of 90 percent muslim votes for the sake of the electoral support of 10 percent hindus makes no political sense. at the same time, big-party chauvinism of the awami league and larger than life ego of the badly splintered left stand in the way of forging unity against fascist and fundamentalist forces, that are gaining strength by the day.

fallout on india

the nda government? policy of supporting the bnp-jamaat government at a time when the minorities were being butchered in bangladesh in the hope of getting supply of natural gas and transit and transhipment facilities for the northeast region sent a wrong signal to dhaka. assured of inaction by the indian government, islamists backed up by the jamaat and other fundamentalist forces have embarked on a sustained killing spree.

from all accounts, the disrupted and dysfunctional state of bangladesh is set to become a monolithic islamic state and a breeding ground of islamic terror. the destabilising impact of such an eventuality will be incalculably disastrous for india and the rest of the south asian region. already as a result of unrestrained illegal immigration 20 million aliens (i.e. 15 percent of the bangladesh population) have settled down in the border districts of west bengal and other northeast states, radically changing the demographic structure and communal complexion of the whole area.

the increasing political clout and aggressiveness of the infiltrators have posed a serious threat to the security of the original inhabitants in the border belt who have started shifting to safer places in droves.

the effective frontier of bangladesh is thus pushing forward deeper into indian territory, bringing the islamic terrorists?dream of a transnational islamic state in the region closer to reality.



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do part time students get fafsa